Saturday , January 16 2021

Bencinas and diesel will drop to 5 pesos reported this Thursday

The National Oil Company, ENAP, said the fuels will drop slightly more than 5 pesos this Thursday.

"The prices of the marketed products are determined by the price of the import parity, which is used as a reference to a close, deep and large scale market, such as the US Gulf Coast," said ENAP. Mexico (hereinafter, Gulf Coast) writes the text.

In addition, the cost of freight to Chile and other costs typically included in the import activity of refined petroleum fuels are also included.

For this reason, the wholesale prices of ENAP correspond to the cost of alternative fuel imports, which typically do not include costs and distribution margins, including imports and costs, such as an open and competitive market, such as the wholesale market in Chile. It reports the National Energy Commission to the Online Information System of Fuel Prices in Service Stations.

Table 1 shows the price and types of petroleum fuels from ENAP to wholesale distributors during the week of 15 – 21 November 2018.

These prices include a reduction in the prices of 93, gasoline 97, kerosene, diesel and liquefied gas, the product of registered movements in the international market of Gulf Coast from Monday (October 29th) to November 9th. 2018, reference period for calculation.

Similarly, the prices and variations of the ENAP take into account the implementation of a 5-day average contract for customers of $ 68.35 / USD, which is $ 12.31 / USD lower for the calculation of the ENAP. prices of the previous week.

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