Saturday , July 2 2022

BASF bets on a new recipe for electric car batteries



The German chemical giant BASF, in order to reduce costs and take advantage of the growing market, extends the time between wages on a new description for electric car batteries and reduces the dependence on nickel.

The initiative is part of a range of activities in the field of cathode materials, which is an important component of battery cells for the expected slip toward electric vehicles (VE) as a result of the fresh air regulation.

Currently, BASF and other companies, including the Belgian market leader, Umicore, are expanding their nickel content to allow for more energy storage and to replace the expensive cobalt from the mines in Congo. That's plenty.

However, BASF also works on plans to reduce more than half of the nickel content and to increase manganese, cheap and abundant rates. The company has responded to questions from Reuters.

"Moreover, with the goal of producing these materials without cobalt, the cobalt content will be below 5 percent," he added.

At present, nickel represents about 60 percent of cathode materials, and companies such as Umicore and BASF are up to 80 percent of products to be launched next year.

Last year, Reuters' BASF presentation predicted a cathode material product consisting of only 20 percent nickel and 70 percent manganese in about 2021. He said the costs would drop just over 40. Currently $ 50 per kWh of stored energy per dollar.

BASF was less decisive in its latest statement to Reuters: leyic The market will now be ready to accept such materials in a few years BAS.

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