Monday , March 8 2021

Bachelet breaks the silence of the death of Catrillanca: "Organizations work and there is justice" | National

The old president Michelle Bachelet 13 days ago, he broke the silence of the death of Camilo Catrillanca, a member of the Mapuche community who lost his life during the Forest Command operation in Ercilla.

"When I became president, I enacted laws to improve the conditions, economic programs, the history of all the discrimination and the injustice in the name of the State of Chile wanted to be forgiven", the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights CNN

"Of course, every new reality like this is dramatic, hopefully a deep investigation of what the authorities are doing, where we hope to be." discover those responsible and bring them to justice "declared the commissioner.

In accordance with the above, he said, et the institutions will work in Chile and thus hope that his family and the Chilean people will know the facts of the facts. Yukarı and there is justice ".

What has failed in Araucanía, and Bachelet, who took advantage of the tools mentioned in his relationship with the town of mapuche, gave a mixed answer.

"I think there are different types of problems." development policies have not always come To the territory of La Araucaní and other regions, so that the people of Mapuche can get out of the poverty of many families. La

But Bachelet stressed that laws such as Gratuity help to reduce some inequalities to some extent.

"Now I would like to say today that men can read for free through the laws that we can study at the university, but there is still more opportunity. there are no equal rights in the application ", Announced to the Atlanta chain.

Şey So, of course, it's something we need to keep moving forward. In cases of violence, should be investigated, there should be justice and as always in the history of our country. Ek She loved it.

In this way, he thinks that the problem of La Araucanía has an element of violence that is mixed with a lack of development.

Regarding this, he assured that every democratic government is working on commissions, laws and diagnoses that are not sufficient.

"I think that we must keep moving forward Bachelet finished with great power that the people of Mapuche respected their cultural identities and developed as each of the inhabitants of Chile.

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