Saturday , October 23 2021

"Arturo gives you everything": Barcelona 's coach full of praise full of Barcelona | football


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Benjamin Cremel | Agence France-Presse

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde, repeat praise Arturo VidalHowever, he did not confirm whether Chile would start Espanyol at the Catalonia classic this Saturday.

At a press conference, Valverde confirmed this. "Arturo gives you everything, makes a great effort and a great journey"He convicted.

"Sometimes you keep it but this enthusiasm is good for forcing the team. I know we're a team that manages the position, but football is football and you must have players who go and break into space "Completed.

Chilean midfielder did not win 4-1 on Wednesday in the 32nd round of li Leoneb Rey, due to a eb heated process Chile on Wednesday.

In addition, strategist With Arthur, he fights a place in mediocamp mediocre.or, "he is a player who gives us a lot of control of the game." He does it together because he pushes the team forward. It's a very safe player. It is different from the others. God willing, he will have all the options. If not, it's something we lose. "

He told Spanish media that "not all players are equal, because each individual is different". In the case of group management, you do this in a way. But there is something that everyone accepts, and that's taken into account. "

It is worth remembering that Barcelona and Espanyol will measure themselves on Saturday. at 4:45. RCDE Stadium.

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