Friday , June 24 2022

An anecdote reveals how powerful Ronda Rousey really is.


When a warrior or a warrior wants an anecdote about both himself and a partner Interestingly, they are stories that most people know about.. In many cases, they allow us to see a little more of the ways in which they are part of their lives or often not.

At the beginning of last month The Undertaker was talking about Mark Henry..

"(…) One day, during a tour, we left a hotel and went on a bus to another city in the mornings for a four hour ride. There was a time The bus did not have enough space to continue the roaming because a car blocked it.. He didn't have any, and we didn't know what to do.. (…) Then Mark Henry found out what happened: & # 39; I'll repair him & # 39;. He leaves the bus (…) lifts the car and pulls off the road (…) ".


This time the strong man speaks but About Ronda Rousey, in Busted Open Radio:

"Maybe not to be the person to tell this story, but I'm going to do it. They've operated on me, and what they're doing is pierce the bone bones and bone marrow.. They form serum and inject when necessary. They convinced me to do this to me. When I woke up, I felt as much pain as I had surgery..

"Then I heard Ronda Rousey had the same treatment, but without anesthesia.. They pierced their buttocks, and while they were awake they removed the stem cells.. It was painful, but he could. I couldn't do that. I woke up with too much pain and asked the nurse to bring me back to sleep. And woke up? This must be one of the most powerful people in the world".

Speaking of an old WWE wrestler, anecdotes he was doing the same thing lately.

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