Friday , December 3 2021

Álvarez apologizes after the fight with Marcelo Salas


The captain of Universidad Católica commented on the incident in the locker rooms of the Germán Becker stadium.

Cristián Álvarez balanced his career at the Catholic University Championship and professional club.

As he apologized for his "mistakes" in football, he had the opportunity to send a few words to Marcelo Salas, the president of Deportes Temuco, where he met in German locker rooms of Becker.

"I'm not short and there's things. Something happened. One fire, I'm sorry for this thousands"The captain said it passed.

"We met, the souls were not very good, but I sent a message.. Marcelo Salas.

The problem was that the stadium guards did not allow family members of Álvarez to enter the court. "The Matador," the stiffening of security, stemmed from the disruptions in Temuco's last collided title in 2016.

"The glass is broken, then you must be vigilant. She said something to me, I answered her, and that's already happened."Salas said.

The Radio Cooperative reported that Carabineros could be required laterally, given the presence of coups.

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