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It's December, so it's time to continue the review. December 2018 After doing the same with PlayStation and Nintendo. Now, the computer rotation, where several consoles are repeated and some Steam exclusivity seems interesting, especially DUSK very gross.

In any case, it doesn't stop being a month that clearly has fewer publications (a Christmas season is falling), but that doesn't mean there won't be interesting titles. GREY and another surprise more.

Only Cause 4

When: 4 December
Where: PC
How much: 49,95 Euro

Rico Rodríguez is obviously back with Just Cause 4 The most spectacular delivery ever Thanks to the implementation of hurricanes, this chaos and destruction in the universe will provide a new meaning of explosions. To the end of his adrenaline.

Mutant Year Zero: The Way of Eden

When: 4 December
Where: Steam
How much: 34,99 Euro

Those looking for an alternative to XCOM are lucky. Because the Mutant Year Zero: Eden The road, hidden, exploration and turn-based combat mixes with very interesting looks, the unique ability to control the three heroes. SHE IS Mutant board based on RPG, by the way.

Edge of Infinity

When: 5 December
Where: Steam Early Access
How much should be confirmed

I could have passed a proverb, a new Final Fantasy, but Edge of Infinity This is a RPG indie Developed by only nine people. Therefore, how much of this work of Midgar Studio promises (yes, its effect) will emerge in a few days. Steam Early Access. Let's see how it evolves.


When: 6 December
Where: Steam
How much: 14.99 Euro

He will end up developing one game after another. Kenshi He has been on Steam in Early Access for more than five years and will leave his state after receiving extremely positive reviews, and this is not a fully-sighted RPG. But, of course, there is something. And also cheap.

The Princess of War Madelyn

When: 6 December
Where: Steam
How much should be confirmed

We tried Battle Princess Madelyn for the first time. Ghosts of Super Ghouls Capcom. Since then, Causal Bit Games has polished its work and filled it with very interesting incentives like small. passage With Maldita Castilla. The final test is coming now.


When: 10 December
Where: Steam
How much: 16,99 €

Inspired by the classic FPS 90 earthquake and Redneck RampageDavid Szymanski succeeded with Steam Early Access. DUSK total unanimous. We encounter a dream for those of us who miss this kind. shooter and finally, you will reach your latest version. Early Access.


When: 13 December
Where: Steam
How much should be confirmed

Barcelona Nomada Studio captured the entire video game industry thanks to the plastic beauty of GRIS, the pure art in motion. Will everything be the same height? We'il find out soon.

Launched on PC from December 1 through December 31, 2018

  • The Road to Arca VR (04/12)
  • Only Cause 4 (04/12)
  • Override: Mech City Brawl (04/12)
  • Mutant Year Zero: The Way to Heaven (04/12)
  • Edge of Eternity (05/12) (Steam Early Access)
  • Kenshi (06/12)
  • Madelyn of War Princess (06/12)
  • The Jagged Alliance: Rage (06/12)
  • Iris.Fall (07/12)
  • DUSK (10/12)
  • Double Key – 25th Anniversary Edition (11/12)
  • The Desert Child (11/12)
  • Kingdom: Two Crowns (11/12)
  • Rebellion: Sandstorm (12/12)
  • GRAY (13/12)
  • Nippon Marathon (17/12)
  • Fair Opportunity: Las Vegas (21/12)
  • Boom Simulator (29/12)

Once the new dates have been confirmed each week (and others have been changed), we recommend that you know our Google Calendar (iCal | HTML), where we instantly update all games, noting whether they are physical or digital. . If you miss, comment.

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