Tuesday , August 9 2022

Alex Lora tells television about her life and work


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Alex Lora, who is inseparable from his guitar, speaks of a celebration that has made Mexico's musical crowns his first 50 years: some sequences are playing in the BIOS series: the first biography of the singer with National Geographic in the BIOS series. The lives that reflect your life, as well as your own, can enter the personal lives of artists pointing to the people's projects in the lives of many people. Charly García is one of them.

As I'm sure the competition will love it. When families have things, as we do now, the concert we performed to celebrate our anniversary in Palacio de los Deportes was six hours and 17 minutes in the past,, Alex said before the premiere of his biography today: by National Geographic 00 hours.

In the two hours of the documentary, Alex Lora took a tour celebrating the half century of today with the memories of his childhood, not just physically, but how the competing artist was able to portray the emotions of the race. tri. He also talks about weightlifting with his family and Celia Lora.

Fernando Semenzato, who is the production and programmer of National Geographic before coming to the premiere, said that with these biographies they had to have a serious viewpoint with the bases and bases of their bases and close friends.

"Chela, Alex and Charly and all the honorable characters know the dedication we have. We want to tell the story based on the celebration of your life, your work, your personal and professional side."

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