Friday , March 5 2021

Agustín Orión renews its contract, leaving Brayan Cortés Colo Colo

Iquiqueño wanted to play and asked the Chilean national team to remain active. So if Argentina stays, it will try to go. They don't want this to happen in Cacique, so it's a mess.

The best performances of Brayan Cortés on the Chilean national team press with everything in Colo Colo. Considering More Agustín OriónThe head archer finishes his contract at the end of the year.

In principle, he did not renew the Argentine Copa Libertadores, but he was so relaxed and happy in Colo Colo. He is willing to make a great sacrifice when it comes to salary, so the option is opened.

This is a warning to the Cortés representative. It turns out said they had to keep them active to keep calling Iquiqueno & # 39;or outside of Monumental Therefore, if Orión is renewing the contract, his decision is to leave Colo Colo.

Now, Iquiqueño is a being of Cacique and will not allow him to leave so easily. And this, Her employer already puts the wound before the wound and even mixes the formulas to remove the "hook or fraud".

Everything is connected to Orion. If it does not defeat, Cortés will remain with the bow and will not be a major problem, but Popular will come out to call another keeper, yes or yes. But if the old Boca Juniors remained, there could be a major mess.

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