Tuesday , October 19 2021

Again, Hermes Soto'a Carabineros'da a "fall" and the case of the Catrillanca "emergency plan" to demand to put into action.


Young Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca & # 39; s death in the Carabineros'e whoever falls. This is the order of Hermes Soto, the general director of Carabineros. And earlier this week, both President Sebastián Piñera and Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick had already demanded a difficult hand.

All this because there is a video claiming that lieutenant Carlos Alarcon lied on Sunday night.

For this reason, although the legal entity of the 3rd Temuco Police Station was permitted, the most serious were the allegations of criminals for the murder of Catrillanca.

Resignation of Franzani

In other words, the authorities took a look at the top officers in La Araucanía on the day of the first case history.

This is how the name of General Christian Franzani, the leader of the Security and Carabineros Order. On November 14, Santiago went to Temuco – the date on which comunero died – contacted four policemen now imposed. The idea is to report your bosses to everything that's there.

But first it turns out that what was said was a lie, a problem that allowed Chadwick to demand his resignation.

. Instead, he said, the Great Distribution will undertake command of General Inspector José Rivera Aedo, the Commander-In-Chief of the Metropolitan Area, Riv as a Subgorit.

Urgency plan

However, the government did not just accept the following: it also wanted to implement a adaki urgency aynı plan to put an end to the irregularities in the case.

Chadwick says everything starts Monday and includes "measures that do not require legislative action, but require urgent action to implement and strengthen police actions".

Chadwick, "General Director of Carabineros, in full cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, it considers necessary measures, irregular situations that are required to detect or to establish that" said.

This leaves the door free of charge if necessary.

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