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After the relationship with Silvina Varas, the sincere and powerful confession of Ignacio Lastra – Shows and Culture


© Instagram The sincere and strong confession of Ignacio Lastra after continuing his relationship with Silvina Varas

The old reality man said that he thought he would not kiss him again in his life many times. Tvn


A few days ago the former reality boy Ignacio Lastra re-established his relationship with Silvina Varas, A young woman who has not seen her for more than two years before entering the program.

After the accident that burned him up to 90% of his body, the young man began to rethink things and fate led him to meet his ex-girlfriend again.

However, Lastra had another idea of ​​what his life would be like after the accident, so he made a harsh confession.

Revealed in an interview by the old model LIN, She never thought that she would kiss again and that she would continue to love even more.

"I thought I could never be polo, more like Silvina, that I was funny, at one point I told my best friends I could never be my girlfriend, let me leave a pretty girlfriend … if I look at her and cross her, I couldn't imagine kissing again"said Ignacio.


Lastra, who told them how they were confronted by the merger, told a friend that they were looking for something, that they were looking for Silvina;

Olduğ It's been a long time since we've been in contact with Silvina, var she said, dön I have a slogan that I haven't returned to in my old time, and I didn't talk to them because it was old. “ , We stayed with Silvina, who spoke of life, about our ailments, very intense. It was so strong that I took it with restraint, so it wasn't a very long meeting. Easy to get ".

Eventually they contacted and continued to maintain the relationship. "I immediately looked at her and confessed to the national media that this was the formula for spontaneous spontaneity."

Currently Ignacio is preparing for a new operation on his face, which he hopes to reduce his scars.


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