Friday , June 24 2022

a world landmark that has fallen apart


Completely abandoned product destroyed the historic roof Chivilingo Hydroelectric Power PlantLota gösterens neighbors and who are reluctant to emergency rescue work.

Plant opened 1897 Thanks to the same design by the Cousiño family Thomas Alva EdisonAccording to National Monuments, it was the first of its kind in Chile, and second in South America.

Announced in 1990 National Historic Monument and in 2004 was declared as The turning point of world engineering. Today it is considered to be the oldest plant in the world.

Despite the declarations of different authorities regarding the restoration of this world heritage, nothing concrete has been seen and the results are not visible.

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Eaudegersson | the @eaudegersso

Eaudegersson | the @eaudegersso

Eaudegersson | the @eaudegersso

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