Wednesday , August 4 2021

90% of young people participating in the SVMH summer program are pursuing careers in medicine – Now News

(NOW NEWS) .- – SVMH has been tasked with encouraging young people to pursue professional careers in medicine, especially in this pandemic where COVID cases are increasing and vaccines are not.

About 90% of young people who are part of SVMH’s summer program are pursuing careers in medicine, and young people are also developing programs to motivate people to get vaccinated.

The SVMH summer group, which started five weeks ago, is attended by 23 young people from the first semester of high school and higher education.

The idea is to expose students aged 16 to 19 to different careers in medicine and hospitals, not just as doctors but also as administrators, so they can learn about the risks present in our society and as COVID cases rise. They tell the importance of the mask and convey it to their families.

Paola Godinez He liked the program in 2018. She will be studying nursing. More doctors who will definitely be trained to deal with pandemics and vulnerable communities this week Monterey County It reported an increase in 26 COVID cases and 11 more deaths.

SVMH had two Covid patients, one recently died.

None of them were vaccinated. Health officials say cases are increasing due to the lack of vaccines. And as for the use of the mask, a spokesperson for the Monterey County Health Department said they haven’t issued any new guidelines for the use of the mask, but support it if people feel more comfortable wearing them. Unvaccinated persons should always wear the mask indoors in two places.

Santa Cruz County Nor has the regulation changed. Health officials said that hospitalizations remain stable for now and a recovery is not expected in cases. To promote vaccinations, some youth from the SVMH summer program worked with mobile health clinics to design outreach strategies targeting minorities and non-white communities.

Tomorrow, on July 17, there will be a vaccination clinic. green area between 3:00 am and 8:00 am will be aimed at immigrant and indigenous communities, it will be in the 140th century. camino The real Greenfield.

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