Monday , June 27 2022

3 things you can do with the new WhatsApp update


Since the giant of social networks, Facebook has bought the messaging app momentarily focused on its development tools increase APP. First of all, popular stories from brothers Instagram and Facebook have been added. Now, There are three new functions to improve the use of.

Listen to sounds before sending:

There's a little trick For iOS as Android, this allows listen to the voice memo before sending little known to the recipient and those users.

When you press the microphone button to record a voice memo, Swipe up until the padlock icon appearsTo be able to release the finger and follow the record.

After you finish the sound, press the send button instead. press the back button to exit the chatThen, there will be a small vibration on the phone.

When you return to the conversation, The recorded message will appear at the bottomyou can decide whether to listen to it or not.

The stickers came:

Users use popular stickers in the app. Function already present in Messenger conversations, Instagram Stories or Telegraph Talksis enabled for both Android and iOS devices.

You must have them to use WhatsApp version 2.18.101. Select the option to send emojis. Then, in the text panel in chats, to be displayed at the bottomA new option for stickers, as well as icons corresponding to the emoji and the food.

Manage contacts:

Now users have the possibility to customize the APP see which people are talking the most. You can set how many photos or messages to change between accounts.

To access this functionality, go to & # 39; Settings & # 39; & # 39; Data & Storage & # 39; and use the & # 39; storage & # 39; Select. There, you will find a list sorted by the amount of data exchanged. You will see how many messages, photos or documents have been changed by selecting one.

You can also customize notifications in this menu. A warning tone for assigning private usersFully personalized, the equipment is light and vibration.

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