Friday , June 24 2022

25% of Hispanics will digitally pay for their purchases


Madrid, 24 Nov. (EFE) .- Organizations supported the use of mobile banking and digital payments in "Black Friday" sales, where consumption was encouraged by discounts extended until Monday. Four of the ten Spanish companies are expected to shop online with electronic devices.

Banks wanted to participate in Black Friday, not only by offering their digital services to users, but also with their offerings, discounts and promotions of their financial products.

For example, Banco Santander offers a 30-euro bonus for customers who make online purchases of at least 30 Euros with their credit card or mobile phone between 23 and 26 November.

In addition, on the 26th of November, customers were hired up to € 67,000 million in pre-paid loans, and interest rate is 3.95%.

However, the rest of the companies have now extended their consumer loan offerings with previously granted loans as the bank knows the financial capacity of the customer and offers opportunities for postponing purchases.

Experts from the industry are now "showing up" to the consumers of the digital muscles of the banks and on their websites or applications or "mobile"

The N26 from the German bank is now pointing to the importance of mobile banking, because it offers a ac higher 26 security system through applications that assess the potential risk of a transaction such as Mastercard 3D Secure Technology.

The bank also stressed that its digital services facilitate the "unlimited" purchases that consumers can buy at any time, in place, and for any free money.

In addition, the French group BNP Paribas' Cetelem will reduce the interest rate to 3.95% with three credits, followed by the same finance company specialized in Cofidis consumer loans.

In the insurance industry, Axa Partners will offer a 30% discount on travel insurance for entertainment that will be available until November 26th.

The main attraction of arı Black Friday ın online purchases is that customers can take advantage of discounts without having to make long queues and pay for it, as well as pay by mobile payment, as well as replacing the money.

They also warned that due to the large amount of purchases expected these days, an application known as av phishing ard strengthened cyber security campaigns to prevent impersonation attempts.

However, experts such as financial comparator Help My Cash, users of financial comparator, who are planning to ara manage sırasında their goods well and buy them with the maximum budget you can spend.

The website is also "smart" to prevent the account from further leveraging the debt in the event that the purchases are financed, as well as comparing the offerings with other organizations to as little as possible.

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