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Breast cancer is an increasingly common disease in women worldwide. and early diagnosis helps to avoid a tragic end.

What's not common in this disease, attack kids. But, Chrissy TourIn the United States, a small Utah was the exception.

The smallest was only 8 years old when he complained of a pain in his right nipple. Her father took her to a doctor and November 2015, a breast-secreting carcinoma was diagnoseda rare type of cancer that affects one in a million.

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But the girl and her parents gave the war and two years later were good.

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, This experience taught me to go on and never give up. Through my cancer, I learned how important the family is and how we should enjoy every second of this life. He told Chrissy People magazine.

Her mother said, e Everywhere she goes, Chrissy has a bright soul with her.

The little girl has to follow life all her life and hope to lead a normal life. Moreover, he knows that he must undergo another operation to rebuild his amputated breast during adolescence.

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