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You've never killed anybody & # 39 ;: This drink is really a new 'alcohol alternative'. you?


A bottle in the size of a shot. Ornate label. Clear-yellow liquid. Looks like single-serving bottles or vodka near the outlet of your local liquor store.

But don't let the package fool you. Pace is not a typical tip.

Health Canada said it was a controlled substance and its sale was illegal.

"Pace is an illegal and unauthorized product in Canada," the Federal Department said in a statement to CBC News.

"The Canadian Ministry of Health is taking appropriate follow-up measures to prevent this product from being sold in Canada."

However, the manufacturer of America's Diet Alcohol Company describes Pace as legal on its website. He describes drinking as a brand new iye alcohol alternative tı that contains a similar buzz habitually to alcohol, calories, or hangover.

The company identifies the active ingredient in the PACE, MEAI as & a new synthetic ki that provides engel a feeling of drowsiness that prevents excessive intoxication and excessive consumption and excessive drinking Şirket.

In addition, the website also says that the product is "absolutely" legal.

The active ingredient in MEAI – Pace – according to producers, reduces the desire to drink. However, the long-term health effects of the drug have not been studied and are not well understood. (Vitalii Tiagunov / Shutterstock)

According to Ezekiel Golan, the leading scientist in Pace, "tens of thousands" bottles were sold online and sent to Canadians.

”It's already very popular, m said Golan, known under the pseudonym Dr Z.“ It seems like Christmas will not have enough stock to rush in, “he said.

Pace, DACOA through targeted Facebook ads, or & # 39; a healthy alcohol alternative by American Diet Alcohol Corporation & # 39; sold as. (Facebook)

However, the dirty legality of the beverage, unpredictable effects and long-term health effects can lead a buzz to consumers who are not known.

Controversial content builder

Golan, a Vancouver man who claims to work for the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and holds a doctorate in mathematics, said he invented MEAI in 2008.

One of the many chemicals that he synthesized and experimented with in his controversial 15-year career in the shadowy world of psychoactive drugs. Some people have called him "the godfather of the Legal Highs".

The method he calls NeoShulginism after the American biochemist Alexander Shulgin, who is known for researching his own method and psychoactive drugs, is an unusual method.

Golan, "I went to read heroin, and I've had with addicted addicts." Said. "I took their lifestyles as long as I could. [to heroin] because there is no way to understand such addiction without being there. "

Golan said that in 2008 he co-founded MEAI, who was actively involved in Pace. For the last 15 years, Golan has developed a career in inventing new psychoactive chemicals and experimenting with them. (Presented by Ezekiel Golan)

For example, Mephedrone was a fast, amphetamine-like club drug invented by Golan and helped to popularize it, and was banned in 2010 after nearly 38 deaths.

Unlike the Mephedron, the Golan said that MEAI did not kill anyone.

He also said "brand new spank". "People who work for the company, they all use it.

"The product … 50 ml of certified mineral water is a powder active ingredient called MEAI. That's it."

The full name of MEAI is 5-methoxy-2-aminoindan. DACOA, a new company, has the intellectual property of MEAI.

It is manufactured under a GMP or "good manufacturing practices" license in India, then bottled in Delaware and sent to consumers.

Pace markets the product to consumers in North America using such targeted Facebook ads. (Facebook)

Timing I item

On the Pace website, MEAI claims that it is neither "edited nor planned" in the United States or Canada.

However, in a statement to CBC News, the Canadian Ministry of Health noted that – MEAI is aware of this and is considered to be Controlled Substance (Program I) “in the context of the analogous provision of amphetamines. This means speed and has similar chemical structures to MEAI and no one in their hands.

But neither the RCMP nor the Canadian Border Services Agency are able to prevent Pace from referring to Canada or have the power to punish people for having it.

In a document notified by e-mail, the agency states, "The requirements for importing a particular substance in Canada are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health." Said.

Perhaps involving him in your life is to weaken it in a way that we don't yet understand. Maybe there's some kind of long-term damage.– The inventor of MEAI Ezekiel Golan

"We've done some research, and we've confirmed that this will be done by Health Canada," Cpl said. New Brunswick RCMP from Jullie Rogers-Marsh.

Golan also objected to the fact that Health Canada may prevent the company from selling its products to Canadian consumers.

”We read the drug laws,“ he said. "This does not appear anywhere in the drug laws in Canada. Pharma always advances in front of legislation."

& # 39; Why take the risk? & # 39;

Aside from legality, Golan acknowledges the risks of exhausting him.

”Maybe it involves weakening you into your life, in a way that we just don't understand,“ he said. "Maybe there's some kind of long-term damage."

But for people who have a debilitating dependence on alcohol, the Golan said that MEAI can offer an alternative and help them control their drinking.

”Some people now have a problem with alcohol and want to find a solution,“ he said.

. We don't want them to try it on the fence, Gol said Golan.

"Why risk it?"

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