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Your Instagram Stories Only & # 39; Making


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Their content, such as Instagram and Twitter, is one of the platforms that I always think of being seen by the masses. Yes, I know they both have a "special" option for accounts. However, in both of them, I thought the value interacted with the people around you.

And then I started to use Instagram Stories. Even though I have no problem with foreigners who look carefully at selected Instagram pictures, my stories tend to be a little more personal. This week, Instagram continues to keep your account (and the stories you selected) open to everyone, and has introduced a new feature to personalize them.

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Instagram & # 39; s Your Event & # 39; How to Use the Feature

At the beginning of this year, I finally fell down from the rabbit hole with Instagram Stories, and now Bu

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A feature called Close Friends allows you to choose whether an image is shared with audiences when you add an image to a story, or with people in your close friend list. No one knows whether they are in the "close friends" list, so you can choose the people you want to be involved with.

To use it, you must first create a close list of friends (clearly).

Tap this profile icon in the Instagram app and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the page. From there, select Kapat Close Friends List in from the drop-down menu. You can manually add users by clicking the & add Inst button next to their name, and you can also tap iler Suggestions dokun to make things easier (Instagram pulls people you've often interacted with on the platform to Instagram).

Screenshot: Instagram

After you create a list, you will start to see the unuz Close Friends esi icon when you create an Instagram story. Touch and the story just mailed to your close friends.

This much.

Noteworthy: The stories of the ade close friends ade are surrounded by a green circle around them rather than red. For this reason, you'll know that a story you're viewing is only sent to close friends, especially if you don't know that you're on a friend's iniz Close Friends ini list (so you know where you are). Someone's list is pretty fast).

It should also be noted that shared pictures cannot be shared anywhere else in the inde Close Friends ”stories. Therefore, you don't need to worry that your photo is blown up by your close friend who shares your picture in the stream.

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