Monday , December 6 2021

You didn't like it here with me? Başlangıç ​​AI bot, ISS (VIDEO) – RT makes an ominous start at World News


A new floating space robot is the first interactive artificial intelligence assistant for the crew at the International Space Station – but it seems to have made its own and somewhat aggressive start.

Dolar Crew Interactive MObile companioN lık is a $ 6 million, 3D printed, basketball sized plastic robot built by Airbus for the German Aviation Center. He had hoped that the boat would improve the efficiency and morale of the crew during long and lonely tasks in space (somewhat reminiscent of Wilson in Castaway).

The AI-powered bot has 12 built-in fans that allow it to swim under conditions of micro-gravity. It has an interactive screen with a chilling drawing-like face that can display instructions, view video, play music, and search for objects.

CIMON was delivered to the ISS in June and this new video by the European Space Agency (ESA) shows the first interactions of German astronaut Alexander Gerst with the boat.

Following the images, it would be wrong to say that CIMON is still a bit rusty and can make some adjustments before any Mars mission is considered. The bot seemed to be good at the basic show at first, but if Gerst asks for CIMON for a music, things are starting to get out of the way.

Around the 4:08 mark on the video, CIMON began to take action and soon refused to switch from music mode. When CIMON starts asking Gerst, the complainant, at 6:04 he gets weird: IMDon't you love me here?“Before the sink sank to the deck.

ESA doesn't seem too deterrent by the cold meeting.happy with our first trip”And bothCIMON's developers and Alexander CIMON are hoping to put it back into action soon. "

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The Space Agency added that while the Curson mission was not planned for more CIMON sessions at this point, it could only be bu start Uzay.Exciting collaboration between astronauts, robot assistants and possible future artificial intelligence in space. "

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