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Yapan I just couldn't believe it: “The guy who shot multiple times in Hamilton Mountain


Hamilton police appeals to witnesses or surveillance cameras after a 31-year-old man was shot in a West Mountain street last night.

Marko (Mark) Maiden had suffered multiple gunshot wounds in front of Clifton Downs Road's house when he arrived home by a neighbor just before 9 am. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detective Sergeant Steve Bereziuk told a press conference early Friday that the reason for shooting was under investigation.

"But I believe this is a targeted event," he said. "In the neighborhood, I don't believe that anyone is anything but fear."

The police blocked the road and taped a few houses between Bonaventure Drive and Colgate Court, a residential area just south of Linc and near William McCullogh Park.

Bereziuk said the inspectors spent all night in the neighborhood seizing the neighbors and waited until Friday to continue shooting witnesses and video footage.

"We find the people attractive for help," he said. "We don't have a suspect at the moment, we don't have a suspicious definition and we don't know how many people are involved."

Bereziuk said the victim had previously been recognized by the police, but "he has not been interested in the police for quite some time". He refused to define the past interaction, but added that he did not see it as "concern".

Neighbors were shocked about shooting in a normally quiet area. They said the victim was new on the street and moved in last month.

Bereziuk refused to say how many times the victim was shot because of the ongoing investigation.

But Lori Brierley, who lives nearby, told the Audience that he had heard three sharp explosions shortly before 9 am. 39 I wondered at the time,; can these be the shots? But I could not believe it, "he said.

Brierley said he felt no other disturbance before filming – and not only without realizing what happened after the emergency responders gathered in the neighborhood.

Brierley and another local resident, Paul Pedeneault, said the Virgin had moved into a two-storey house last month.

Pedeneault said he had seen the Virgin with two dogs, but had not seen another family in the house. "Everyone was very surprised. We didn't see this kind of thing here (in the neighborhood)," he said.

This is Hamilton's seventh murder in 2018.

This year, the police launched two firings, including a two-person target in a car for two years, in Limeridge Road West, about one kilometer away in a commercial plaza.

Bereziuk said he could not link the murder to "another incident based on the evidence so far".

The police want witness or detention. If you have any information, the police asks you to call Detective Richard Wouters on 905-546-4921.

Call the Crime Stopper as anonymous on 1-800-222-8477 or submit anonymous tips online.

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