Before he died, XXXTentacion announced that he was working on three consecutive albums: ?, Skins, and Bad Vibes Forever. Today, the mother of X & # 39; s team has provided it. skins in two years he became the third solo studio album of rapper.

Of course, the album will be released "Bad!" It fell at the beginning of November. Now, skins it is entering a short but pleasant ten pieces. Although X does not have a close collaborative shortage, including the Ski Mask The Slump God and Joey Bada $$, it comes from a lonely feature Kanye West.

Today, X fans must ignore the fact that the music of young rapper can be made accessible to what it wants. Tell me what you're going to say about Adam, but those who watched his videos knew he values ​​his fan base and made sure that he put the music first. His vision may not be exactly as intended, but skins It must be more than enough for those who are still mourning. Rest in peace, X.