Wednesday , January 20 2021

WWE news: Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey match for Survivor Series CANCELED

Lynch, a WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, had blood on her face during a wild WWE show.

SmackDown öncs top woman led the invasion of the blue brand's squad against her rival, Raw.

Wrestlers gathered in the ring with the Ham squad, led by former MMA fighter Rousey.

Lynch, 31, survived, joining his upcoming games on the Survivor Series, breaking his nose before Rousey hit a steel chair.

Their approaching traces were canceled because of Lynch's injuries during the fight.

Lynch chose Charlotte Flair took his place on Smackdown last night.

The fighters are suffering from a shock and a broken nose during chaotic segmentation that closes Lynch, Raw.

The current release of WWE now attracts him from the Survivor Series, which will continue this Sunday.

WWE doctors reported that they checked Lynch following a fight that revealed the degree of injury.

Becky Lynch

BLOODY: Becky Lynch is left with a dark red mask after a fight in Raw (Pic: WWE)

”Irish War Paint“

Becky Lynch

Lynch used Rousey towards the end of Raw before hitting the entry ramp.

Lasskicker declared his a show ve and attacked the rest of women's names against Raw.

Rousey managed to save, but immediately dispensed by Lynch, who shot him with three seats in the chair.

Lynch, who appeared during the first fight, grabbed his nose after Nia Jax as a couple with Naomi.

The champion came out on Twitter and described his blood stained face as lek Irish war paint Şampiyon.


The WWE fans loved the segment and compared their bloody face with the iconic dark red mask worn by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Wrestling legend Demir Sheik, even said h excellent 39 commentary on Twitter.

One fan wrote: "Every woman standing there should be afraid when she is covered with her own blood."

Others added that l you make the most coolest thing on TV görün and uk how a female looks after hunting Diğerleri.

Becky Lynch

CHAMP: Becky Lynch will get Ronda Rousey on Survivor Series (Pic: WWE)

Becky Lynch

& # 39; IRISH WAR PAINT: Becky Lynch shared this shot. (Pic: TWITTER / BECKYLYNCH)

Lynch now enjoys a career renaissance after capturing Charlotte Flair's Hell Smackdown in Hell in a Cell.

Although his character editor made and positioned as a villain, it seems more popular than ever.

Rousey and Lynch are expected to have a championship vs. championship show in the Survivor Series.

WWE's longest-running second exhibition, Raw and Smackdown, will once again begin to confront each other.

Becky Lynch

ADAM: Becky Lynch, Smackdown Woman Champion reigning in her second reign (Pic: INSTAGRAM / BECKYLYNCH)

Lynch was exposed to a career that ended injury in 2006, but managed to return to the public in 2013 and sign the WWE contract.

One of the four Horsemen who revolutionized women's wrestling in WWE.

WWE would offer women lower billing to men by focusing on gender attractiveness rather than good matches and stories.

The champions – along with Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks – helped the movement to change the division.

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