Monday , December 6 2021

Windows 10 also gets an icon design revision


Microsoft plans to overhaul Windows 10 icons next to the Office suite. The software giant discovered a new icon design for Office 365 earlier this week, and also looked at some of the Windows changes. Girişim Building a common system and designing 10 icons at the same time is a great undertaking, ”explains Jon Friedman, head of Microsoft's Office design. ”Now we've installed the system and we'll start to scale according to all Microsoft.“

Friedman noticed. ThurrottThis Office effort is just the beginning of an inter-company effort to update all the icons in the same style, Bu he said. At first glance, how Windows 10 could be updated was seen as part of Friedman's blog post. Includes Windows 10 concept images that update modern icons for photos, news, mail and many other built-in apps. Anger Microsoft understands that these images are currently examples, but Microsoft is looking to modernize Windows 10 icons in the long run.

Windows 10 still includes icons in some parts of the operating system that have existed for more than 10 years. Despite Microsoft's efforts to modernize its Windows design and, in particular, the way you configure settings in the operating system, these older icons don't look much better than before. Microsoft has done many design work for Windows over the years, but now the company is focused on a single single icon design across the entire company, and finally it may be necessary to clean up some ancient samples.

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