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What Puck: As expected, Canadiens's defense hit the speed


Defending Montreal Canadiens, the defensive corps was weak and Carey Price was inconsistent for a speed bumped.

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin wants to eat his cake and food.

Most of us would say yapım needs etmek – not wanting to rebuild the team that was so badly damaged, but to pay for a real reconstruction. So what he is trying to do is a mini-rebuild, what he likes to call ve reset, ği and yet, as he likes to brag, it can be anything.

But the plan is not well thought out. The wheels were strangled on Wednesday by a much more powerful New Jersey Devils team, a shameful 5-2 '' loss on Canadiens' bus in Newark. This game proved that there were strange sounds coming from the bus engine and that if the driver didn't do anything in a short time, they would stand by the road.

To explain Saint Carey – let's guess. You can't reconfigure a team, and you can do damage to the playoffs. As a GM, you have to make some tough choices, and this is not the strongest team of Bergevin.

As I said many times since the beginning of the very entertaining Habs season, there was a blast. The team swayed positively in October, as a result of an attack by the MVP Max Domi, taking power from the staggering force of the offensive.

Montreal's Canadiens defender Noah Juulsen followed the action in Carey Price's net against the Calgary Flames in Montreal in its third period on October 23, 2018.

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Montreal Newspaper

The defense performed better than we had expected during the first month, but the blue line corps fell in the last two weeks to Earth. On Wednesday, Habs head coach Claude Julien said: “Well, our backside had a hard night. Gece This was a shortcoming, and he actually said, Jul The last few weeks of our backside have been tough. Çarşamba

Except for the hero Jeff Petry, there was nothing to brag about at the back end for a while and was so bad, which isn't even a return to Shea Weber, who is expected to be on Tuesday against Carolina. The hurricanes in the Bell Center are heading for this D ship. If you only have a short memory, this porous defense is the creation of our friend Bergevin. GM, who won a passenger advocate-crew, took one of the worst defensive teams in NHL and knew everyone as they did last year.

One of Bergevin's worst decisions is that he decides not to have a job interview with Hall of Famer Larry Robinson and hires his childhood friend Jean-Jacques Daigneault humbly (and irrationally). The questionable Big Bird could have helped this blue line over the last six years. His current defensive coach, Luke Richardson, is in his job better off than Daigneault, but let us assume that Richardson has little evidence of his coaching skills on ice these days. Or maybe this D gang isn't just easy?

Let's go to the second Achilles heel of Bergevin, and that's our pie-meal plan – Carey Price. Since returning from a hiatus to work on u upstairs ında issues, the price generally looked great. But only in Alice in Wonderland on Canadiens hockey, coaches, commentators and fans cry to poets about a goalkeeper who allows only five goals in two straight games.


I highlighted how bad the defense is, but if you're the best goalkeeper in hockey, then you can't have the worst numbers in the league. Price, close to the base of NHL average (3.17) and saving percentage (.895) against goals. This is not a collapse, this is a new Price. This is the new reality.

But in the Habs nation, which is devastated here, criticizing the savior will be labeled as a heretic. The real problem is not the price. The real problem is Bergevin's stubborn belief in constructing everything around the goalkeeper and forgetting that he should be a front-to-back advocate for NHL. Worse, you don't pay all your financial future to build an inconsistent keeper.

The problem is almost tragic because this crazy $ 84 million contract is exerting pressure on Price. Because he is the highest paid goaltender in hockey and one of the highest paid players in NHL, Price thinks he will be carrying the team.

This is the worst thing you can do to a player who tries to sort things out with his or her own ears.

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