Saturday , July 2 2022

Western Vancouver officer after sending the nanny to women in cases of abuse, abuse


WEST VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A West Vancouver officer left the force after processing and sent naked pictures to women in criminal and domestic harassment cases.

A quarterly report by the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner alleged that the officer was engaged in less than 25 cases in which he worked romantically with women while in office. There were 14 allegations of ”unauthorized use of police resources lar and using the work telephone, there were 11 alleged acts of ins alleged behavior ins used to send nuances to women to offer assistance in getting rid of traffic tickets.

”The police officer used cell phone and computers in the department to contact the sensitive domestic violence client, kul a police force said.

Or The police officer used police databases (CPIC and PRIME) to interrogate his lady friend, uru he explains.

And another, post The police officer used departmental email to send unsuitable email messages to the victim of the ongoing high-risk domestic violence investigation.

The officer, who was not included in the OPCC report, resigned while a Police Act investigation was under way. However, each of the 14 incorrect equipment breaches will be suspended for five days, with 11 malpractice resulting in an ignition.

Ir The Disciplinary Authority is the antithesis of the behavior of the police officer, the police community and what the public would expect from a police officer. Especially in view of our understanding of sexism, power and culture, the vulnerability of women, who were especially the subject of police officers' attention, got worse and worse. Or The report concludes the police officer's case.

”The police officer has broken the public official and police department's confidence to some extent that it is impossible to dismiss the employee.“

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