Sunday , October 17 2021

Welcomes the news of the release of Jamaican artists


KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaican people here and in the Diaspora have warmly welcomed the news of Buju Banton from the McRae Correction Facility in Georgia.

The 45-year-old Grammy Award-winning artist, Mark Myrie, was arrested on cocaine charges in 2009 and sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2011.

Previously it was planned to be released in 2019; However, its release date was changed to 8 December 2018 last year.

Buju Banton won a Grammy Award for his album Before Dawn. His other albums include Til Shiloh (1995), Inna Heights (1997) and Unchained Spirit (2000).

Many have begun to share social media with a free entertainment player from their favorite songs, Gargamel.

Some even suggested that December would be dedicated to playing songs from the reggae singer instead of the festive Christmas songs, which was used to accept the yuletide season.

In the meantime, others used the opportunity to warn the singer not to be caught again as expected from a drug-related situation.

Y I will never understand why a person who goes to them and holds the world on his feet will let him turn and derail the progress he has made in the life of greed. Mostly for Buju, I was a rebellious, right and progressive entertainer in my mind. Buju was the successor to the Progressive Message Music Throne, Reggae, Mesaj an OBSERVER ONLINE reader.

Fans are now looking forward to a series of shows on the island and in the diaspora, showing ready to open the red carpet.

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