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Weather Network – HALLOWEEN: stormy for some parts of Canada, & # 39; significant snow for others;

Sunday, October 27, 2019, 15:20 – Mother Nature can create some tricks for her arms in some parts of Canada on Halloween night

Some Canadians may experience a pleasant surprise in relative peace as we approach Halloween, while others may only scream in fear. The weather may be as polarized as our love-hate relationship with sugar corn. Read on to find out the potentially awful details in your area.

ACCEPT: The taste of early winter in Canada in early November


The Halloween prediction may seem too far away, but believe it or not, we have a great idea that a high pressure ridge will remain around the Pacific Northwest. For the South Coast, we can almost guarantee that the air will dry out, but the risk of fog can pose a risk for serious scary scenes in some parts of the state of British Columbia.

Afterwards, we set out to the east of the Rocky Mountains, where there was a cool treat on our tour. As a result: there is high confidence in the lack of significant air. Most of the Prairies will remain dry, but it is almost certain that temperatures will remain below freezing when tricksters or treaters begin their journey. This is exactly what you get with a small northwest stream. If you live here, you will need the hottest Halloween costumes in Canada with the coldest temperature anomalies predicted for the lower half of the Prairie states.

Temperature model Wednesday-Thursday


This is where things get complicated. The cold air funnel develops a warm, gentle southern stream along the east coast, while diving south to the Gulf of Texas and Mexico, far south of next week.

However, it was almost November and at this time of year, the cold weather always tends to win. Like the freight train, this cold weather will move towards the Great Lakes Basin as it approaches Halloween, but we are also watching a potentially low potential to exceed this extreme temperature limit.



Well, you have a guess twin. Since British Columbia has a secret to support its prediction, there is more confidence that a high-pressure axis will be just west of Bermuda.

This is a great clue, because it tends to promote a warmer southwest flow, eliminating the threat of significant frost or insidious snow surprises as you approach Halloween. Even parts of the Labrador have the potential to be seasonal toast in late October, and by the way, it's still pretty cool.

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