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Vanier's Cup: Laval Rouge et Or 34, Western Mustangs 20


QUEBEC CITY – A second Vanier Cup driver from the Western Mustangs crashed in Telus Stadium on Saturday afternoons.

Laval Rouge et Orson, led by second-tier All-Canadian playmaker Hugo Richard, won a 37 Or19 loss to Hamilton last year with a 34 Kan20 win before a packed house in Laval.

The loss ends the Mustangs' 23-game winning streak, just twice the Rouge et Or's 25-game U Sports record.

Rouge et Or, who won the 10th National Championship, quickly tuned in the second half of the game.

The game's MVP, Richard, took the 45-yard bomb with the 45-yard ball to Vincent Breton-Robert, and then threw a throw of 46 yards to Vincent Forbes-Mombleau in 13: 54 of the first quarter. Crowd of hometown hometown.

The Mustangs tried to do their best. Coming together with Chris Merchant, until Lavallee's intervention in Lavallee, Laval ran 52 yards from the 52-yard line.

For the first six shots, Richard dropped the 24-third-yard-22 half, 244-feet and two times.

David Cote kicked the field goal with 6:10 to 23 yards to put Laval up 10-0 in the first quarter.

Mustangs had most of the ball, with 78 percent of possession. Cedric Joseph flew into a yard to make the score 10-7 in the second quarter of 13: 20.

But Laval would answer with a second touch of a 70-foot-long rider facing Richard's two big beats. Benoit Gagnon-Brousseau captured a 22-yard TD pass to advance Rouge et, or 17-7 in the second quarter.

Marc Liegghio kicked the field goal into the 36-yard field goal at 2:45 in the second half to score 17-10.

Bleska Kambamba eliminated the ball from Forbes-Mombleau and finished a 2: 7 penalty in the Mustangs' 54-yard line.

Liegghio scored an 18-yard field goal in 0.6 seconds to bring the score 17-13.

Rouge et Or the second half also quickly hit.

After the Mustangs started at the beginning of the opening and forced them to force the West, Rouge et Or went to Richard's 24-13th in the six-yard TD.

Laval, 2700, a nine-yard field goal established at the intersection of Adam Auclair took the lead.

Rouge et Or, by Alexis Cote, added seven yards to extend its leadership to 34-13.

The merchant was tied for a 20-meter retouch with Cole Majoros and left the Mustangs in two minutes with two points.

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Rouge et Or 34, Mustangs 20

West: Chris Merchant 26-46, 358 yards, TD, 3 intersection; Cedric Joseph TD, Cole Majoros TD; Marc Liegghio kicked field targets 18 and 36 yards

Laval: Hugo Richard 23-46, 348 meters 2 TD (rushing TD); Vincent Forbes-Mombleau TD; Benoit Gagnon-Brousseau TD; Alexis Cote TD; David Cote kicks 9 and 23 yards of field goals

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