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Van Riemsdyk reflects the time ahead of Toronto in return


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James van Riemsdyk The 10-year NHL played two teams in his career – the Philadelphia Flyers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Flyers drafted Riemsdyk in general in the 2007 NHL Introductory Draft and later transferred it to Toronto in 2012 as a defender. Luke SchennJust last summer, to re-sign a $ 35 million contract for five years as an unlimited free agent.

On Saturday, van Riemsdyk will return to Toronto with the Flyers to face the team he has played in the last six seasons. It was a game valve, not sure Riemsdyk would be available even after Philadelphia had arrested him for less than six weeks after receiving less body injuries in his second competition. But now he is ready to leave and on Thursday with the checked Toronto's decision not to extend a contract, to think about how he reflected his favorite memories in a Leaf and life in Philadelphia for the second time.

Embedded ImageTSN: Let's start again in summer. How quickly did you know Toronto couldn't offer you a new offer?

JVR: Unuz When we look back in the past season, and you haven't had a lot of dialogue there, you're probably beginning to realize that it's probably in a year. Most of the guys in my position[love[Like[sevmek[likeTyler Bozak and Leo Komarov]He did a good job of parting it down, and it didn't allow us to influence us on a daily basis. We had a big group of people who like to be on the track together, and this has done a lot less than that in a big year, and it's made it much easier.

Im To be honest, I have made it clear that Leafs will go in a different direction for my agent a week ago, before the free agency. I think this has allowed me to have a clear head to make another decision mentally. If you're scanning all these different factors [after] You are investing in a place for so long, and you have these ties, you get to the decision, you are drawn in different directions. So it was nice that they were ahead of me and made some peace with their decisions and then put my whole idea on what the next place would be and what would fit well. Philadelphia checked most of those boxes with the crates, the organization and the city. "

TSN: Did you personally get that Toronto didn't want to sign you again?

JVR: Orum I think I'm playing a high level game from Toronto. [van Riemsdyk amassed 294 points in 413 games for the Leafs]. Cliche, but you control what you can control, which is an effective and successful player. I've done trade before, and sometimes, especially in a salary cap world, the business side of the works comes into play and it's like a puzzle that tries to bring them all together. There's just so much going around. Especially when there are three young men[[[[Auston MatthewsMitch Marner and William Nylander]He's coming to Toronto for contracts. We're gonna need some room. So you can appreciate how hard it is for the management of your work. They make decisions that they think are the best, and I don't personally accept that they go on another route. "

Embedded ImageTSN: You're a Marner head and you were a close friend from the beginning of his career. How did this relationship affect the end of your time in Toronto?

JVR: “I just think again, I see. [the six years] three different stages: the first stage and playoffs [in 2012-13]and then we retooling it for a couple of years, and we've injected so many young people in our last couple seasons that it was great and exciting to play with those caliber guys.

I For someone like Mitch, I think he was excited to play for me and Bozak. Hockey supplies speaks for itself, but all in all it's a great kid and a great person and a great friend. You are so happy to see men who have such success. She is very passionate about the game and loves the game, so she continues to be better and better. When you have such a combination, the sky is the limit for it. When I got to the league, I remember being a sponge at that age and watching all these different things around you and Mitch is entering that category to get into all of this. He played better. "

TSN: What's it like for you to meet so many old friends and teammates on Saturday?

JVR: Acak Something emotional will happen. When you've been in a place like this for a long time and you've built up these friendships, you're feeling that you've invested a lot in the organization and in Maple Leaf & Toron. After all, you'll have a chance to make a change, even during the summer and even after the injury. When I came back from this and I realized when I had this game in Toronto, I had all these gloomy feelings. I really enjoyed my time from being a Maple Leaf, living in Toronto and everything I had to offer. I can't say enough good things about how everyone in the city is treated for everyone in the organization. I'll always look at her with love; Always keep close to those years and darling. "

TSN: Is there a favorite memory that you have stored in Leafs?

JVR: "That's a good question. The first year I was there, that runner was running, it ended up in a fashionable way. [with a Game 7 overtime loss to the Boston Bruins in the first round]but it had been a long drought [of seven seasons] Not to go there, so it was quite exciting to go back.

Dık And then I think it was two years ago, we got this game against Pittsburgh [on April 8, 2017] we had to win again to return to the playoffs. It was quite a game and I remember [Curtis] McElhinney made some big gains [on Sidney] Crosby and the playoffs are third to protect the winner. So this was an incredible feeling, as we turned around, we went back to the playoffs. Especially the chance to spend some of these difficult times with the team, get there and compete for a championship was very nice. "

Embedded ImageTSN: Turning back to this season, Saturday will only be your seventh game and will return from the fifth injury. What happened in that game you were wounded?

JVR: Di It was just fluent. Do one of the things you prepare yourself very well and make yourself ready for them, and when you break the bone, your control is completely over. Really hard. It wasn't even a hard hit.[Coloradoavalanchedefansoyuncuof[FromcoloradoavalanchedefencBremen[ColoradoAvalanchedefansoyuncusu[fromColoradoAvalanchedefencemanMark Barberio]She brought me to the right spot and it could have been a small thing but she broke the bone and you just have to wait for her to heal.

Un With Philly, you want to make a good start. You are aware of how important it is as part of the process. Obviously a glitch is not ideal at all, but it gives you a chance to focus on some things to improve your game and focus on some things, and maybe take some care and collect some things that will help you when you get back. sequence. "

TSN: You have three points in your first three games. Are you comfortable with where you are right now?

JVR: Ve There's nothing like being there and experiencing everything. There is no other way or better way to get linemate with chemistry. You get an idea of ​​how the coach likes to operate the counter, and that's what you want. But to the present day, different meetings, different application processes, educational materials, you'll be more comfortable. [even injured] And I think that's important. When hockey is comfortable with the things around and when you look at your life away from the track, then when you get on ice, it makes things simpler and less exciting and lets you go back on ice. Mentally a better point. "

TSN: How did the transition return to Flyers' room six years later?

Embedded ImageJVR: Ad There are only four people I've played here before. Sean Couturier, Jakub VoracekWayne Simmons and Claude Giroux. I played Claude three years ago. We lived together with each other, so we should make good friends with him and communicate there and there for years. He was one of the men who reached him when the free agency period started and I started talking to him. The familiarity with the actors was good and there were many of the same instructors and staff, and these things, so they give you a little more comfort. "

TSN: After all, what pushes you to Philadelphia?

JVR: "Funny. If you were to talk to us for a year when we went to the last year of our contract a year ago from July 1, and if you asked me where I could potentially end, it would probably be here if it weren't for Toronto. This is one of those things you never expect to have to play for an organization twice in your career, you only have so long and have 31 teams and I've done the first time, so you're not sure about it. [again]. "

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