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Germany has experienced a decline in exports as trade tensions from all over the world hit Europe's biggest economy.

German exports contracted by 0.8% in September. In the report reported by Destatis this morning, there is a 0.3% increase in expectations. Imports decreased by 0.4% (versus a 0.8% increase in expectations).

Germany's trade surplus fell to 17.6 billion euros in August, 18.2 billion euros on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Despite the expansion of the world economy last year, exports were lower than in September 2017.

Details from Destatis:

Exports, September 2018

  • € 109.1bn
  • -0.8% compared to the previous month (calendar and seasonally adjusted)
  • -1,2% in the same month a year ago

Imports, September 2018

  • € 90.7bn
  • -0.4% in the previous month (calendar and seasonally adjusted)
  • + 5.3% in the same month a year ago

This is the latest sign that Germany's economy has slowed sharply this year. Third-quarter GDP figures to be made next Wednesday may confirm that growth has stagnated throughout the summer.

The German export power seems to be suffering from the post-trade protectionism of America. Customs duties on EU steels and the Chinese origin swathe of the United States create new frictions and reduce demand.

Holger Zschaepitz
(The @Schuldensuehn)

More econ apocalypse #Germany: Exports in September fell 0.8% MoM. ING stated that German exports are currently falling to 4 in the last 6 months. In the same period, imports also decreased by 0.4%. This cut the trade balance from 18 billion euros to 18.6 billion euros, surpassing 18 billion euros.

November 8, 2018

Also coming today

As traders continue to welcome US election results, Asian stock markets have risen.

Last night, as Wall Street predicted by Dow Wallon about keeping the Democrats' home under control, after the best agenda since 1982, 545 points (or 2.1%) increased. .

While FTSE 100 is called as 20 points, European markets are likely to gain place in the open market:

Mike van Dulken
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# FTSE100 7138 is also called + 20pts is

November 8, 2018

The European Commission has published its latest forecasts for the European economy this morning and can confirm that growth has slowed.

Investors will be awaiting news from the US Federal Reserve when they set the monetary policy tonight. The Fed is not expected to increase rates by December, but its views on the US economy may move markets


  • 10:00 GMT: European Commission
  • 1.30pm GMT: US weekly unemployed figures
  • 19:00 GMT: Federal Reserve interest rate decision

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