Friday , December 3 2021

UFC Adelaide results: Gun Shogun of Mauricio Pedro: Rua rallies


In the first five minutes of the UFC Adelaide joint event, I felt like we were watching one of the sad stories of a legendary champion who found himself in his career.

Mauricio üy Shogun vur Rua, with light heavyweight on Saturday night, sucked a bad kick from the young Tyson Pedro, suddenly and once suddenly hitting the shot.

But the beloved yüks Shogun biri is a legend of mixed martial arts for a reason, and one of the most skillful fighters in the history of sport rose to an unforgettable victory. Former UFC lightweight heavyweight champion and PRIDE Grand Prix tournament won the TKO in the Adelaide Entertainment Center in the 43rd round of the third lap.

Iyla Tyson was a great guy and a great fighter, but I had the motivation, motiv Rua said, after an 22nd career posture through an interpreter. “I love doing it.“

Pedro was a buzz saw in the first five minutes, because he made a fierce impact on his body, made headstrokes, and the brutal parent who created yap Shogun iy and swinging backwards. Rua managed to keep Pedro and slowed him long enough to regain his momentum, and Pedro returned to fight, despite the descent along a 10-8 #.

Secondly, Pedro looked gauze and did not make a single major strike. Rua took the paspastan Pedro and strangled it from an advantageous position.

Rua continued to pour into the third. Right on one was right. Pedro did not fall from the punch force, but his knees were broken and he reached out and slammed into his mat. Rua sprang from there, like a shark that perceived a shark, and poured it over until it was thrown.

Rua now wins 26-11 and four of his last five fights. In Sydney, Pedro (7-3) dropped two and four of the four.

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