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UFC 231: Holloway etc. Ortega team selections and forecasts


The Blood Elbow team offered their predictions for the UFC 231, and everyone who writes something is choosing Max Holloway from Brian Ortega, and the overall view is pretty divided. As for the joint event, there were also divisions of who Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Valentina Shevchenko would belong to. Isn't it good to have title fights like these two?

note: Estimates are entered during the week and are collected the day before the event. The explanations behind each election are not necessary and some authors prefer not to do so on their own grounds.. For example, Phil Mackenzie & # 39; s predictions on Wednesday, without any explanation for any fight, a single fighter for any fight will have no idea whether to go.

Max Holloway and Brian Ortega

Anton Tabuena: This is pretty simple for me. To prevent strange health problems, Max Holloway has to go through Ortega. Holloway is better and much more dangerous than other people who beat Ortega. Of course, this still shows that MMA and Ortega have a good power, but certainly not as much technical expertise as Holloway. I think it's going to be very similar to Ortega's last stop, but it's going to hit a much worse hit and this miracle won't be able to get back. TKO by Max Holloway.

Rookie Alexander: Ortega has a mastery of Holloway's lack of love to end the fight against winning rounds. Obviously I think we got the best version of Max Holloway, this is the key here. Ortega grew tremendously as a striker, but up to this point, Holloway showed a ridiculously jaw and probably isn't the person you want to deal with in a high-tempo fights. Ortega loves her jump guillotine, so I suspect Holloway will be ready for her, and she's a good hunter on her own. He showed that he was unlikely on both sides of the lowering and that Ortega was not particularly good at capturing his rivals in the first place. Although Ortega is extremely dangerous on the basis of what we saw from him in the last fights, I still trust him to do more damage to Holloway and avoid the return of the classic Ortega. Max Holloway unanimously decided.

Zane Simon: Ortega's struggle with Frankie Edgar was a matter of revelation. It was always difficult, always dangerous, but for the first time, the striking style built around the absence of much sharper movements and the absence of the basic ones was like a complete game. He worked behind the Jab, felt, produced predictable answers, and changed entrances to bring Frankie into the unconscious. It was so cute. At the same time, it's hard to tell what further improved Ortega could be. I should choose Holloway without seeing more diversity and consistency, and the ability to exit more than one hard hit. The ability to take a pitch like the tire of the opponent and raise that pace, the ability to change targets in combination, and the ability to open new combinations earlier, the simpler ones, is not the capabilities that Ortega has not shown yet. And Ortega has a history of losing bullets that he still hasn't completed. Even in Max's fear of health, most of the questions are on Ortega's side, and most of the answers are in Holloway. Max Holloway.

Victor Rodriguez: Both will not go to take down the other and the tennis game in Holloway is deadly. Having said this, Ortega was a man I counted in so many fights, I'm just hearing something foolish about him. The range must have the disadvantage, and the wild pace of Max must make it harder because of the volume, but Ortega doesn't hit it that much and tries to find ways to pull a rabbit out of his hat. I still want to choose the Ortega by diving for a flying arm from a hilly area, but I don't even care a little for me. And I'm still worried about what health doesn't know what Holloway was interested in last time. Apparently, the person who harms the damage and has a more complete and concise approach to his strikes continues as the war continues and accordingly. Max Holloway.

Holloway Collection Staff: Mookie, Anton, Phil, Stephie, Zane, Victor
The staff of Ortega: Bissell, Nick, Harry, Dayne, Fraser

Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Valentina Shevchenko

Anton Tabuena: Even though Shevchenko doesn't give much weight to all the earnings he left behind in Muay Thai, it's still hard not to choose Valentina. They know what each other brings to the table, and they're likely to keep it up. Both are very technical strikers, but when Shevchenko is bigger and dealing with harder strokes, Joanna shoots relatively more slowly and clips more often. Although Shevchenko was not really a great KO kick, little warriors of similar fame suffered and left Joanna, which already looks like a shop. TKA by Valentina Shevchenko.

Rookie AlexanderI feel like Shevchenko's reputation exceeds its true real results. For the first time, he lost to Amanda Nunes very clearly but I remember the most recent round. The judge was even an early disassemble with Holm vs. Holly Holm. Pena is as awesome as he makes, Nunes was horrible, and he started blaming himself not to take back his head. Priscila Cachoeira was a rough mismatch, and controversially there was no basis for how the struggle with Joanna would play. I think that in an MMA fight, the best way to beat Jedrzejczyk or at least to the extent and speed of being competitive. At least we weighed the hay, we saw Joanna's defending defense as an example, and Shevchenko relies heavily on the infidels to take people down, and it's not easy for Joanna to wait. Shevchenko is also not a fantastic finisher or strong striker, and almost always a consistent minute-to-minute output and a lack of reluctance to put it against the path of Joanna's turn. The best-case scenario for Shevchenko is strong, athletic, strong enough to work on Joanna's, and has the power to hurt or stand over his feet. I don't think this is happening. Joanna Jedrzejczyk decided unanimously.

Zane Simon: I'm not getting what people say about Valentina Shevchenko. He is a technical and much better wrestler who is more careful than his department's standard. However, it is still quite simple at this time, it is a nut and bolt fighter, while it doesn't seem to combine all this comfortable distance together and uses clinics and spills as a safety valve against long-term pocket changes. In Joanna's worst case against Gul, Shevchenko struck more than his best fight against Holm. There is a defensive defense and Shevchenko is more of a threat than a crisis. Without any consistent CO threat of Shevchenko, the betting was that he had to be so horribly strong that he could maneuver, brag, or hurt Joanna ever-thwarted. I don't see him. It's not just who Shevchenko is. Decide Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Victor Rodriguez: For beginners, do not put so much stock in their previous songs. He was in another environment, and he was first. Second, I agree with Zane (yuck) – Joanna's combinations and volumes are more conducive to judges. There is a better sense to Joanna's legs and fists to slow Valentina and make enough defense for Valentina's striking style. The depth of Valentina değils game isn't just about it, it's not just the variety. Playing against the counter game, Joanna, may be more risky than it was these days. Joanna Stable Jedrzejczyk.

Jedrzejczyk collection staff: Dayne, Mookie, Stephie, Zane, Victor
Staff Shevchenko collection: Bissell, Nick, Harry, Anton, Phil, Fraser

Alex Oliveira and Gunnar Nelson

Rookie Alexander: Oliveira is wildly powerful, ridiculously strong and can easily fix Nelson's jaw knowing how bad Gunni's remarkable defense is. The issue is that Oliveira's striking defense is somewhat worse, and this opens the door for Nelson to come back to what he has done to Alan Jouban. If it became a fight, Nelson broke out just because it simply broke out. However, since he is as strong as Oliveira, he doesn't ignore Nelson, and Gunnar is cunning enough to figure out how to make it go away (assuming he has no shadow after a long job). Challenging search, but I'll go Delivery by Gunnar Nelson, 2.

Phil Mackenzie: One of the things about being a brave strike-send threat is that it is something that is difficult to solve with pure athletics. Cowboy Oliveira, in time, built a wider game, took up more broadcasts and had the base, but was still quite rude and ready, and in general, his opponent was physically overstressed. The other cowboy pulled him down and held him out without too much trouble and I don't think I trust Oliveira to get out of the first round without leaving the club, even though Nelson may not be making a decision against him. . To be sent by Gunnar Nelson, 1.

Zane Simon: Both men are not a defenseless master, and both have become dangerously penetrating. However, both were often difficult to do harm. The big difference is that it is largely unlikely that Oliveira will be able to prevent it from doing so and that Nelson is much better than the Brazilian cowboys, far from everything. At one point, she feels firmly that this struggle hit the floor, or Oliveira decides to try it, or because she went back to a place where Nelson could put her down. And no matter when, 2nd round, sending Gunnar Nelson.

Victor Rodriguez: I'm like another cowboy's meh, but no doubt it's a 170-year-old force. Nelson was another world hunter, but the fights are standing. From the 10 people with Muay Thai base over the karate-based striker, 9 must be 9-fold and the Brazilian Cowboy has enough gunpowder to turn off Gunnar's lights. Cowboy by Oliveira TKO.

The staff that selected Oliveira: Bissell, Nick, Harry, Dayne, Anton, Stephie, Victor
Nelson's staff: Mookie, Phil, Zane, Fraser

Hakeem Dawodu and Kyle Bochniak

Rookie Alexander: I'm sorry to come here. It is difficult to read because of the hopes of Dawodu in the UFC, the shocking first-game loss and a rather comfortable victory against Austin Arnett. Bochniak was not enough to take a good step, and Zabit was fervently endured against Magomedsharipov and made it more competitive than most imagined. I love Bochniak's better game. Kyle Bochniak decided unanimously.

Zane Simon: Dawodu, of course, is a more technical striker than Bochniak, and I am not sure that Bochniak has pure power to take and keep Dawodu. But I still choose to win Bochniak. Bostonian showed a surprising tactical awareness at their last stop. This allowed Brandon Davis to take a firm win over and to take a close battle to confront Zombie Magomedsharipov. He was pressured when he had to print, he stuck and moved when he had to. And it proved difficult to suffer along the way. On the other hand, Dawodu showed a tendency towards slippery movement and a tendency to counter-punch in cases where better care would be better served. In particular, it has a bad habit of trying to try very challenging counters out the door without an idea of ​​how fast or powerful his opponent is. It worked quite well, against Austin Arnett, which was quite anemic. Against the wildly aggressive Danny Henry, he immediately took over the subdivision of the club. If Bochniak arrives quickly and stays at Dawodu and perhaps even eats a few early meters, he can shoot in order to get him out. Kyle Bochniak, 1st Tour by TKO.

Phil Mackenzie: I must reflect on Zane's thoughts here. The thing that has been most affected recently about Bochiak is its ability to set his game for his rival: to fight off aggression against Magomedsharipov and to fight against Davis, who is leaning slightly. This seems to be something else that Bochniak will try to draw on the release of the aggressive hunter. Kyle Bochniak decided unanimously.

Victor Rodriguez: I'm disappointed, because after this time I've asked Dawodu to come to UFC, a fight is given to someone who is a very strong wrestler. I'm going with an emotional choice, because I don't like Bochniak, but I believe in Hakeem. Hakeem Dawodu by TKO.

Staff gathering Dawodu: Bissell, Nick, Dayne, Victor
Staff collecting Bochniak: Harry, Mookie, Stephie, Zane, Phil, Fraser

Jimi Manuwa and Thiago Santos

Rookie AlexanderManuwa is a glass ball that is physically rejected. Santos is a glass ball that has a better, stronger stroke and is finally in the ideal weight class. I think Santos first hurts Manuwa and then gets a package. Thiago Santos Header KO, 1st round.

Phil Mackenzie: This must be so stupid fun. Jimi Manuwa recently seemed to have looked downwards: the biggest jaw or the fastest feet ever had, but the Blachowicz fight showed two men in two different orbit. Santos is similarly weak, but still seems to have found the weight class. He looked particularly keen on impressive against Kevin Holland. The pace of youth from a better section, Thiago Santos by TKO, 1st round.

Zane Simon: At mid distances where Manuwa's competitors tend to wait, Santos is more dynamic and unpredictable. It is also more susceptible to shaking in the pocket rather than looking for ways to break and reset movement. Both people are enough to choose Santos without a real sovereign or wrestler. But if Manuwa can stay on his face and shoot hard in his pocket, Santos' jaw will be there. 1 tour through Thiago Santos with 1.

Victor Rodriguez: So Manuwa has the power to pull out Santos, but he must go there first. And Santos has a more striking base and a better handspeed. If Anders didn't finish Santos in the absolute battle, I don't know how Jimi did it. It's gonna be a hard day for him, not because he can't. He's sticking to both of them. Thiago Santos by TKO.

The staff chooses Manuwa:
Santos' staff: Bissell, Nick, Harry, Dayne, Rookie, Anton, Phil, Stephie, Zane, Fraser, Victor

Claudia Gadelha and Nina Ansaroff

Rookie Alexander: Something tells me that we're watching the end of Gadelha's prime minister, but I believe he will be at the top and can defeat or defeat Ansaroff. Nina took some important steps in the game, but Gadelha is still a more complete warrior and more aggressively aggressive. Claudia Gadelha decided unanimously.

Phil Mackenzie: It's a tough one. Gadelha didn't keep the trust of lately and Ansaroff is constantly improving. However, Ansaroff is very happy to play guard for my liking, and Gadelha continues to be one of the best and retreat players of the episode. Claudia Gadelha decided unanimously.

Zane Simon: Gadelha's gas depot is a concern, as it tends to expand into the swinging pocket. However, while he is clearly recovering, Ansaroff is still inclined to panic at the beginning of wars, especially at the beginning of wars. If Gadelha can take him down and get him back early, he can probably catch his neck. Claudia Gadelha Shipment 1.

Victor Rodriguez: Ansaroff has struck a stiff patch and turned around for a 3-2 UFC run and deserves to be appreciated for improvements. He is still faced with several unobtrusive and remarkable figures in his episodes. These two go to war test. Claus Gadelha from TKO, 2nd round.

Squad collection: Bissell, Nick, Harry, Dayne, Rookie, Anton, Phil, Stephie, Zane, Fraser, Victor
Employees choose Ansaroff:

Katlyn Chookagian etc. Jessica Eye

Rookie Alexander: HUT HUT HUT HUT HUT. Katlyn Chookagian decided to split.

Phil Mackenzie: Jessica won two battles in a row and actually looked like a veteran in her fight with her friend Jess. This fight is close and probably won't be tremendously good, because the Eye will make better quality shots and Chookagian will get more land (and it will). Katlyn Chookagian decided to split.

Zane Simon: The eye can win this fight. He looks like a stronger fighter, and there's a big technical boom. But everything flashes for him, and most of the time he seems to be over-locked in certain parts of the fight without seeing anything. Neither Chookagian nor Eye was so dominant in recent achievements, but I feel I know exactly what to do with Chookagian in every round and how and why. It contains mostly large volumes and squats. If Eye can't get out of the line, I can't choose him to win. Katlyn Chookagian.

Victor Rodriguez: I've never seen her for all the glory for the Eye. Chookagian has a good kick-up game. The eye has a tendency to try to crawl it and rely on its physical properties, but Katlyn is the entire job. We'll see another WMMA showcase due to differences in stunning styles, and this can be a ton of fun. Katlyn Chookagian.

Chookagian's staff: Nick, Harry, Dayne, Rookie, Anton, Stephie, Zane, Fraser, Victor
Eye-catching staff: Bissell

Eryk Anders etc. Elias Theodorou

Phil Mackenzie: Another fight, which is probably more muhtem interesting Muhtemelen, is likely to be başka good Muhtemelen. Eryk Anders seemed a little puzzled by the strange character of Tim Williams in his final battle, so there is a great chance that Theodorou could dance around, kick and kick in the bank, and often try to break into the bank as a set-up. It is said that Anders managed to have a very competitive series with Lyoto Machida, so I have little faith in him to win against an ugly conservative distance style. Eryk Anders decided unanimously.

Zane Simon: He's not really happy about choosing this fight. It seems difficult for the fighters to see an easy win. Theodorou has all the advantages of the volume, but Anders has all the advantages of power. I'm worried about Theodorou's winner of Trevor Smith's grinder. The hardest way for Smith to fight, even if he's on his right. If he decides he wants to handle Anders in an ler action edi struggle, Anders is a very strong counter-penetrator for Theodorou's strikes. On the other hand, I think that Tim Williams can beat Anders if he remains conscious for a few more seconds. I do not trust that Anders is a hacim near gain Mach against the lack of volume and Lyoto Machida. Machida 's day began to look like a lack of serious volume. . Assuming that Teodorou is difficult and very successful, Elias Theodorou decided.

Victor Rodriguez: Anders' approach seems to be something that Theodorou can exploit. Not easily, but at least a healthy set of strikes and a defensive defense that leads to puppet opportunities. Elias' cardio is also an important asset here and his experience should prepare him to welcome a man like Anders. It's hard to be 100% sure about picking the guy, but still Theodorou and his team can be played around it, and Anders can be more successful than bumrushing and ham. Elias Theodorou.

Staff choosing Anders: Nick, Harry, Mookie, Stephie, Fraser
Staff Theodorou collection: Bissell, Dayne, Anton, Zane, Victor

Olivier Aubin-Mercier and Gilbert Burns

Phil Mackenzie: This must be a ton of fun. I'm not sure how much I rely on OAM to win in a fight that isn't a superior predator. Do you really think Burns would block three bullets? Even if he's in trouble, Burns will still be throwing hard shots. I still remember the fact that Carlos Diego Ferreira chose OAM to remind the difference between a good MMA hunter and a very good MMA fighter, and Burns is a better deal than Ferreira on the mop. Gilbert Burns decided unanimously.

Zane Simon: You can't find another fight really easy choice. OAM, by far, is a better fighter and better wrestler than Burns. On my own, Prazeres makes him feel like he wants him to torment and overhaul with him. But otherwise, Burns is a much more technically skilled fluid fighter than OAM. OAM has a good timing stance, but the lack of his wondrous form and combinations has left him without a KO threat, and his ability to withdraw and throw his game is alarming. If Burns can keep the pressure on the OAM, can OAM be KO? And if she can't, can she safely download it and stay out of shipments? My guess isn't both. Gilbert Burns.

Victor Rodriguez: Do you want me to choose against Durinho near Christmas? No, son. Posted by Gilbert Burns.

OAM collection staff: Bissell, Harry, Dayne, Anton, Stephie, Fraser
Staff collection Burns: Nick, Phil, Zane, Victor, Mookie

Brad Katona and Matthew Lopez

Phil Mackenzie: Brad Katona seems to be reasonably versatile, but this tends to be a problem when leaving the EU regional scene. Perhaps he has forgotten how they lost quality technicians, such as Lopez, Assuncao and Perez, to the shadow of an aggressive athlete with a strong wrestling base. Matthew Lopez decided unanimously.

Zane Simon: I wasn't just impressed with the last few TUF classes. At least he looks like a very good athlete, but he wasn't good at anything. This is particularly uncomfortable because it is a low-volume striker and does not work in a camp that draws attention with its fantastic technical advances. Lopez is wild, a disaster, but he's a very good wrestler and a back-take artist and a very pushy striker. Maybe he makes a big mistake and jumps into the Katona. Maybe he disappears badly from the tension and wins the Kat late. However, I think Lopez comes out early and makes a statement. And I don't trust Katona to get back to the depth of the game with a win. Matthew Lopez.

Katona: Bissell, Nick, Dayne, Mookie, Anton, Stephie, Fraser collection staff
Staff choosing Lopez: Harry, Phil, Zane, Victor

Devin Clark and Aleksandar Rakic

Phil Mackenzie: Rakic ​​with Reyes Light Heavyweight is unlikely and obviously apparently may be a little better than Reyes … Perhaps heresy, but she has a high volume kickboxing and is an eager and talented wrestler. Clark is athletic and is developing slowly, but I'm not sure how he will win unless he's willing to release it. Aleksandar Rakic ​​posted by 3.

Zane Simon: For all the hard fights to get, it seems pretty easy. Clark is big and powerful, but he has a tendency to burn gas and doesn't have too many clean techniques anywhere (as shown by the obstruction of the bulldog). Rakic ​​is a better striker and seems to be a wrestler and hunter equal in a more calm, controlled and lasting style. Aleksandar Rakic ​​from TKO, 2nd round.

Staff collection Clark: Harry
Rakic: Bissell, Nick, Dayne, Rookie, Anton, Stephie, Phil, Zane, Fraser, Victor gathering staff

Chad Laprise and Dhiego Lima

Rookie Alexander: Lima's jawed jaw and defensive defense, a disaster recipe against someone like Laprise. Chad Laprise, 1st Tour by TKO.

Phil Mackenzie: Dhiego is not his brother, he has all of Douglas's defenses (the defensive defense) and, among other things, a smaller jaw jaw and less general dynamism. Chad Laprise by TKO, round 2.

Zane Simon: I don't know, Lima doesn't look good at all, at least not at this level. Chad with the decision of Laprise.

Laprise Collector: Nick, Dayne, Rookie, Anton, Stephie, Phil, Zane, Fraser, Victor
Staff choosing Lima: Bissell, Harry

Kyle Nelson vs Diego Ferreira

Phil Mackenzie: Nelson comes in very soon. Lover is firm but off with a real kick from the backlighter fire, while it is a long and attractive striker from the edge. Neil is somewhere between Magny and James Vick, but not as good as either. Ferreira is uncontrollable and not a bit wild, but she only has the instinct to rescue Nelson as she tries to draw circles and make jabs. To be sent by Carlos Diego Ferreira, 1.

Zane Simon: Ferreira's combining brutal aggression and high-grade fighting makes her a particularly difficult contender to prepare in a short period of time. And for a classic wrestling boxer who is prone to throw himself in his pocket (and upcoming strikes) up to twice. Carlos Ferreira, 1st Tour.

Nelson's staff:
Ferreira: Bissell, Nick, Harry, Dayne, Rookie, Anton, Stephie, Phil, Zane, Fraser, Victor Collection Staff


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    Ortega and Jedrzejczyk

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    Ends in Shevchenko-Jedrzejczyk, NC or Draw and protects the cavity

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