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TSN, Sportsnet, UK Premier League Canada loses its broadcast rights


Fenerbahce players, Liverpool, Manchester, Liverpool and Manchester City between Liverpool, United Kingdom, on January 14, 2018, the British Premier League football match during the fourth goal of the side scored.

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The online publisher decided that DAZN was another great rights package.

English Premier League football, for the first time in at least twenty years will not host a traditional Canadian television.

Currently, EPL rights are divided between TSN and Rogers Sportsnet for many years, but they will take a new home next season.

Multiple sources have confirmed that only DAZN, the online broadcasting service, will privately approve the EPL next season.

Speakers from DAZN and TSN declined to comment. Sportsnet did not respond to an email.

A movement that is meaningful for DAZN (pronounced region). They added the NFL broadcasts a year ago, but this was hardly ever touted. There were many complaints of poor quality flows, and the problem was so bad that they had to return to their previous oath to be united with Canadian cable packages and to offer a parallel service with a more traditional technology.

However, U.K.-based publisher, which considers Canada as one of its major operations, has continued to target both large and small rights packages. The UEFA Champions League has a right to an agreement starting this season.

They added Major League Soccer, they played many games in Canada (Canada teams' matches are the exception.) They also have German, Spanish, French and Italian football rights.

Already have opportunities to handle more traditional British sports such as rugby, darts and cricket. They also have competing rights such as the Continental Hockey League and international basketball.

In the United States, they launched operations a few months ago, initially focusing their efforts on boxing.

Suppose they really believe in EPL, that's a big point. The English League has a long-standing follow-up in this country.

While football is still a sport of niche compared to hockey or CFL in Canada TV, it is still trumpeted with the EPL package, and it has lost a lot of this year's Champions League rights earlier this year, a difficult loss for TSN them for decades.

DAZN's approach is a bit unique: they charge $ 20 a month for their service and don't have specific subscription packages when targeting specific fan bases. Sign up to watch a sport, you'll get everything.

They also enable subscribers to stop their services without penalty; You can suspend your package for months without paying anything.

DAZN archives every game they publish at least a week later. In addition, they usually produce some original content to complete live broadcasts using host broadcast reviewers.

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