Friday , March 5 2021

Traffic chaos begins: Wreck on Hwy 7 sections off, Hwy 417

An overturned trailer in Hwy 7 near Tatlock Rd and Townline Rd slows traffic this morning.

Pascal Meunier / excitement

Give yourself extra time if you go anywhere today.

On Monday, Environment Canada issued a special weather statement asking for snow and poor driving conditions. In particular, they warned:

Etkili This snowfall can be effective on commuting to work in the morning. Drives should be prepared for winter-driving winter conditions, as there may be unprocessed roads that are snow-covered and slippery. "

They were right.

Conditions are getting worse and there are a few problems to deal with.

The highway 7, near the Carleton Place, is closed in both directions due to an overturned tractor trailer.

The city of Ottawa is warning that debris is on the East Highway 417.

The correct lane and shoulder are blocked – slow down if you are approaching that area.

A driver reports that there is a staircase on the road.

Update: The teams are dealing with the debris in Hwy 417. As you can see from this traffic camera, traffic is getting thicker:

There are no news about bus cancellations in the city, but the cancellation of at least one route in the Renfrew area has seen worse things in the valley. Check the local boards.

More to come.


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