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Tony Clement & # 39; s letter: MP accepts inappropriate online exchanges leading to deception actions


OTTAWA – Conservative MP Tony Clement said he had multiple inconvenient online purchases.
In a letter to the founders published on his website on Thursday morning, Clement wrote that the changes have led to a number of infidelities.

In a stock exchange, Clement wrote that a woman had been offered money from an anonymous social media account in exchange for intimate and personal information, and that she had contacted Ontario police last summer to report the change.

Aş During a period of personal hardship and weakness, I went into inappropriate changes beyond the lines that should never be crossed. These changes led to acts of disloyalty, sad Clement wrote.

On Tuesday, Clement resigned, after accepting the party's role as justice critic and committee officials, after accepting to post videos of obscene pictures and a video, acknowledging that it was a woman with the consent he had said to be cheating.

Initially, party leader Andrew Scheer did not want him to leave, saying he believed Clement's assertion that the change that led to the attempted extortion was isolated.

Scheer's trial changed on Wednesday afternoon after he made more allegations than Clement's women on social media.

"There was new information available today, and they claimed that this was not an isolated incident, and that's why he asked Tony to resign," he said. Said.

Clement wrote on Thursday that he would allow himself and everyone else who cared. Dı I was proud and makeup was better for me and shame kept me going back to the way of goodness, ur he wrote.

In I apologize to the women that the exchanges have taken place. Also, without even knowing, I apologize to anyone who feels that I have exceeded the online boundaries that make them feel uncomfortable. I am very sorry, d he wrote.

He said his office in Parry Sound-Muskoka would remain open and would continue his duties as an MP.

Tony Clement was filmed in the National Conservative Summer in Halifax on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

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Clement was a conservative party, a minister in Stephen Harper's government and a candidate for federal party leadership twice. He left early for the last leadership competition and Maxime approved Bernier. At the same time, the state in Ontario, which was once a cabinet minister, also ran the leadership of the Tory.

Clement is an intense user on social media, who frequently posted on Twitter and shared ”liking agram messages on Instagram.
He is married to attorney Lynne Golding.

Here is an exact replica of the MP Tony Clement, published on its website on Thursday:

This is Tony Clement and this message is for my founders in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

Since 2006, I have had a great honor and privilege of your membership in the Assembly, a renewed confidence in federal elections four times in a row. Whether it's the corridor's government or the opposition side, or the Cabinet desk or the back seat, the top priority is always working for and continuing to work for the Parry Sound-Muskoka people and communities. I did so tirelessly, from the first moment I was honored to work with passion and pleasure for you.

I've always aimed to serve you humbly, and today I write directly to you to address some bad decisions in my personal and private life. During a period of personal hardship and weakness, I went into inappropriate changes beyond the lines that should never be crossed. These changes led to acts of disloyalty. An inappropriate change led to a woman being offered money with an anonymous social media account in exchange for disclosing intimate and personal information. I immediately reported this personal issue to OPP last summer. Most recently, another improper change led to foreign actors attempting to avoid financial harmlessness, which I reported to RCMP immediately, without hesitating, without hesitation or a second thought. These changes were completely consensual and mutually exclusive, but never wrong.

In this way I have disappointed everyone, myself, my family, my friends and supporters, my community, my colleagues and my staff – who I care about and who I care about. Pride and arrogance were better than me, and shame was kept me from going back to the way of goodness. I apologize for the women that the exchanges took place. I also apologize to anyone who, without even knowing it, feels that I am crossing the online boundaries that are disturbing themselves. I am very sad.

Obviously, I would like to point out that these personal delays have never been affected, or that we have made the agenda of my days a member of the Assembly on behalf of communities. He said I offered you an excuse for my actions. I take full responsibility. Assembly members were expected to set a high standard.

In particular, I have failed the most important person in my life from my wife, who has been with me throughout the many ups and downs of the public service. He made many sacrifices along the way to build a loving home and a wonderful family. I can't get back the pain and I can't hurt my behavior. The only thing I can do is I have what I have and I commit myself to rebuild our own trust, but it can take a long time. The mistakes I made in my personal life do not reflect who I am for who knows me. I've decided to re-focus, work hard and improve the damage I give to the most important things in my life.

I love my job and I love my family. I am determined to seek professional assistance to my family, my community and my country to continue to serve in whatever form they may have. I sincerely thank the many communities who gathered to convey their thoughts and prayers to me. I can make Parry Sound-Muskoka residents stay open and in service, and I will continue to fulfill the responsibilities of being a member of the Parliament.


Tony Clement
M.P., Parry Sound – Muskoka

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