Masters are a different tradition than the others. The match will be a different event than the others.

After months of hype and garbage, it's time to put the money of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in their mouths. One The oasis in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, Woods and Mickelson, will play in the next 9 million dollars in Shadow Creek.

Encounter activity is something that the world of golf or the world of sports has never seen. If you're up to $ 19.99 the viewing price tag is too much for you, the US TODAY Sports & # 39; Adam Woodard and Martin Rogers are here to watch the match and highlight the greatest moments for you.

Hole 18 (extra hole) – Par 5

Here's the deal: since we're 18, they're going to play again. If it is still square again, they will produce "20th Hole", produced 93 yards par. 3. "20th Hole" will continue to play until they have a sudden death.

Tiger: The air is getting cold, but the Tiger driver is hot. So hot. He flew into his jagged, barely missing some of the wood chips / mulches. He'll show a strange stance in the field and reach the fairway in a 236-foot way. Smart game.

Phil: Phil made a good shot, but recently he found the same point compared to almost a few minutes. Lefty pulls iron 5 feet from 198 meters and enters the bunker, just a few meters away from the water. Lucky lefty, very lucky.

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Hole 18 – Par 5

Tiger: Tiger flew to the left side of the fairway, hitting his best car there. The 6-iron from the fairway of Tiger is as long as it landed on the green field and jumped into the crap. Maybe pocket it again? The tiger leaves it behind, creating a big bird chance from 50 meters to 5 feet and dropping the pressure to Phil.

Phil: Error. Lefty could have found it hard to find the first segment, but it's not terrible. Since the rugged 203 meters, he's got a great shot, carrying the water protected by the green and safely locating the dance floor. He'il take a long break for the eagle. 18 On the march to the green, Tim Mickelson was begging to let his brother use his first day of profanity, but Phil said no. "Why not?" when his caddy asked, "pay this view!" For a break greater than 32 meters to win the match, Phil hits 3 meters. The tiger tells him to take it. We're going back to 18th.

Full frame after the age of 18, Phil of $ 400k (800 thousand dollars in total).

Hole 17 – Par 3

Phil: He could have locked him here, and his shot was only 20 meters in length and perfect at the left side of the hole. He * * just * putt misses and because Tiger did, we're all 18.

Tiger: Okay, Eldrick, even $ 9 million, what? 150 meters from the outside (GORGEOUS par 3 in 17) Tiger goes a little long, but was right on the flag. She's in the fringe, but she definitely has a chance. Of course he'il come in. The tiger goes to the full tiger and chips for a bird from the eaves. Classic tiger. Classic punch pump.

Full frame 17, Phil $ 400.

Hole 16 – Par 5

So … the sunset is coming in about 56 minutes and I still stayed in three holes. What do they do if they go into extra holes and are too dark to play? Did you make $ 9 million?

Phil: Is that Lefty or Bubba Watson? . It's a delicious little morsel, ör says Phil, a driver and a driver. It was impressive. On our way to the cannon, we were talking about Phil and his brother Tim (street) … Oregon football? There are $ 9 million in order! Another big swing for Phil is here and to the left of the green, but much closer to the Tiger. Phil flies so high, but very high, jagged landing and descending down a hill, 20 plus feet through the hole come to rest. Think you're so sweet in there. There isn't a bad putt from there, one or two short cuts are coming. Par.

Tiger: The tiger's driver is solid here, but not up to about 10-15 yards from Phil. His second shot had a tonal movement from right to left, but in the end he found a shelter. It's hot in the bunker, but it's pretty solid. It will be within 15 feet of Birdie to return to Phil. The tiger doesn't take enough break and misses the left. Par.

Phil 1-up, 16, 400 grand.

Hole 15 – Par 4

Phil: Lefty, from here, anchored the railway. Nice shot. His approach to the leftist gallery does not remain on the left. There wasn't much green to work with, but that doesn't matter to Phil. While the club was open, Lefty had a great shot dripping a few inches for a cup.

Tiger: STINGER WARNING! Tiger shoots a patented, low-flying stinger in the middle of the fairway at an altitude of 318 meters. It's fun. The tiger doesn't make a good shot in front of the green. The Tiger's chip looked long and tumbled to the left. It is left too long to clean the part or it will go 1-down. And exactly what happened.

Phil 1-up, $ 15,000.

Hole 14 – Par 4

Our man on the ground indicates that there is a definite boundary growth between both the players and the crowd. Everything initially feels like a little fun, definitely $ 9 million and now they're doing it. There's a long driving side of $ 100,000.

Phil: His driver finds a hideout, so the whole thing Tiger needs to do is hit the fairway to win the bet. At Everything you can do is better, dü says Lefty, a hit that Tiger has fallen into, but with a step that he jumped. Another idol misses for Phil. Today he does not understand the speed and / or appears here today.

Tiger: Well, Tiger also mentioned this. It's very close to Phil. Üyor The appropriate golf shot, or says Darren Clarke, runs like the Tig 9 iron from the sand fields behind the captain and returns to 10 meters. From the 9m and the Tiger misses the right to change.

Totally 14 points, Phil's $ 400.

Hole 13 – Par 3

Another "pin-up" side is $ 300,000. Tiger lost the first two of these bets.

Tiger: Tight par 3 in the 6-iron useful for the Tiger, it's hard to catch a ridge up to just 15 meters. His putt did not break as he thought, a par.

Phil: Here another big shot from Lefty won the third un closest pin yakın challenge with his cannon reaching 9 meters perfectly playing the contour of the green. She says "I get it" for her caddy (and my brother) is reading a birdie putt that had a good speed and drop.

The number of frames with 13 is $ 400.

Hole 12 – Par 4

Tiger: BOOM! Tiger was driving a 321-yard car in the green. The tiger rotates a wedge of about 2 meters for a small wedge.

Phil: The 3-wood, which is somewhat conservative from Lefty, finds the right-hand drive and gives it a bad angle in the green with the ability to insert a right pin. He approached his approach, found the center of the green, but still a road away from the cup. It scored a trip but misses long and true.

Tiger 1 up, Phil up to $ 100.

Hole 11 – Par 4

As noted in this short par 4, and Ernie Johnson publication, there was only one ace in Shadow Creek # 11: the pitcher John Smoltz. Another side bet for an eagle, $ 200,000 this time.

Phil: The tee here misses the fact that Phil is bad. Phil stacked the players on to the pitch and knocked over the left side. Keep the 1-up lead down, but misses. Par.

Tiger: The Great Cat went for it and went down to green, but just dripped. It's too green to work to turn it off. A great hit from the Tiger allows it to go through a green 5-meter race. Phil tells him to pick him up for a birdie.

11 & # 39; quarter square, save up to $ 100.

Hole 10 – Par 4

Phil: Lefty for the driver and here at the foot of the road, 300 meters in the yard. Phil's approach is about 20 plus away with a downhill break. She's moving a little bit more than she imagines, and we missed it. Phil was going to make a 3-meter player for half.

Tiger: Although Eldrick had found his ball in the middle of a roll, he left a thin word of profanity, not even close to Phil. Tiger made a good job with Phil. Par.

Phil 1-up, in turn, $ 100,000.

Hole 9 – Par 4

If someone drilled a hole for an eagle, they made a side bet of $ 100k (a donor pin placement). BUT WAIT. They raised another "0" bet and now $ 1,000,000 for an eagle.

Phil: Lefty relinquishes tobacco from tube number 9, which flirts with the stream, SMASHED. Here is a first class spot. With Lefty's short stay in the bunker, the million-dollar shot is turning into a million-dollar flop. Phil, known for his short play, almost emptied his chip, missing just a few inches.

Tiger: A good iron for the tiger is here. Phil's not far, but he's on the fairway. His approach is not on the side of the pin, but in green. He gave it a ride and missed, but got a good perspective. Tiger converts two-putt par.

Phil 1-up, in turn, $ 100,000.

On the air, Charles Barkley criticized the “bad golf ım he played, saying“ I know I play good golf, but today I can beat the two of them Yay.

Hole 8 – Par 3

Another side bet! 200 thousand dollars for "closest to pin". The two players also made a 3: 2 odds bet to make the birdie putts, the winning Tiger, who won $ 75 if he did, Phil the $ 50k winner.

Tiger: For the first time today, Tiger honors his rifle. He came down from the green with a very short foot and came back a little. If Phil doesn't get it in 40 feet, it'il hurt his wallet. She left her child for a very short time and opened the door (and earned some more money) to get Phil's leadership back. The piece was moving at a very high speed, going to the right and missing. Object.

Phil: Lefty did the same thing as he rolled the ball towards the front of the Tiger. Within the tiger, it stops only 2 feet * short *. Another $ 200,000 for Phil. As long as his wand is short, it continues. No more money exchange with the lady. Phil starts demanding the bullet again from 5 meters.

Phil 1-up, $ 8 to $ 100.

Hole 7 – Par 5

The first thoughts of The Justin Thomas in The Match before taking action on 7.

He's not wrong, everybody. Tiger tried to make a wager with Phil, but Lefty didn't get an extra chance, saying he was too disadvantageous. Many people are cutting back to catch spots in later holes as they approach nine in succession. Martin Rogers is 1:37 in the afternoon. There's plenty of drunkenness in Las Vegas and the gallery.

Phil: He first cut off Phil's shirt and his second shot was no better. I went to Green but arrived shortly after, I found a refuge this time. Forest Forest it was a great movie, but the shelter is a bad way to play for the shelter for Phil. Third, he found a shelter in front of about 10 meters. Not good. He had to cut half of the hole out of the bunker, but he didn't.

Tiger: Tiger smoked the driver, made the best shot of the day. He was right about 40 yards from the second half of Phil and he was right outside the green. The green of the tiger was as good as possible without getting inside.

Totally frame number 7. Tiger up to $ 100,000.

Hole 6 – Par 4

Phil: Another great shot for Phil. This is the early raid. Or Come on baby mükemmel, Phil's approach takes a long time, but he is perfectly bent towards the hole. Useful shot from Lefty, birdie is building a chance. After Tig's longing, Phil had a chance to get a 2-up lead with a bird and left for a short while. Par.

Tiger: The golf cart for children as the tiger's driver, just a few meters from Phil. The Tiger cuts his shot short and rolls for green at the same distance to the birdie. "Blocked" says Kaplan, a little long and misses. The Tiger will have to raise money for 4 more footers and he pays him. Another half.

6. 1 $ up to $ 100k with Phil 1-up.

Hole 5 – Par 3

And we have a first-party bet! Phil and Tiger are making "close to pin" in the first par 3 for $ 100,000.

Phil: I'm not getting too shabby here from Lefty, I'm taking it up to 7 meters. The "nearest pini" wins, but the bets still fall to $ 100,000. She putt touched lightly but left short. Her boss flashed for the shines.

Tiger: It's green, but nowhere near 7 meters. "That's too bad," says the T-shirt. The tiger was over a mile away from the green here, extending to a limit of 5 meters. Reduces the rake to another half.

5. Up to $ 100k tiger with Phil 1-up.

If the gallery sheds light on the next few holes, you can charge the 4th green-filled tent filled with fresh gourmet tacos and enough free beer to fill a fraternity party.

Hole 4 – Par 5

Phil: The driver is useful here for Phil, and only two of them can light the green light. From a pit of 253 meters 2, the sht iron stretches from a short portion of the green to a rough area, and remains in a bunker. Phil Tiger said he did a good job, but he was chosen for putt. The tiger did not agree, good-for-good, and both for the birdie.

Tiger: "No" After contact with the tiger, the driver said that he was running towards the gallery when he landed on the fairway. In the first shot, the first shot, 107 yards from the green very quickly appear. The third short right next to the cup fills for the chance of a big bird, it must be a shooter and it is. Birdie.

Phil 1-up thru 4. Grab up to $ 200k

Hole 3 – Par 4

Phil: The first chauffeur of the day, and Phil, lowered it down the runway. His approach "went down and fell" and remained about 20 meters away from the glass. "Diving, diving, diving," he shouts, saying only glides from the left. Par.

Tiger: The Big Cat also pulls the driver, but misses the right. Up to 165 half of the green on a challenging hill, Kaplan planned to leave this short path and it is. Its chip is almost the same distance from where it misses point 2 and gets closer. Par (but this also rounds on the cup).

Phil 1-up thru 3. Grab up to $ 200k

Hole 2 – Par 4

Phil: Another iron for Lefty is down the middle of the rifle. The second shot misses a little, but it's just green, pin-high. Phil's chip, known for its short play, ran long and left running.

Tiger: Tiger's 3-wood also goes a little further in the fairway. The door was clear to the Tiger, whose approach was flying from behind the green. This is a back needle placement, so Phil is also green with no real harm. Tiger cut his chip short and then polished his 3-foot leg. Before he started, he reached for the cup. Amanda. Object.

Phil 1-up 2

Hole 1 – Par 4

Cupcakes and cakes are neatly arranged on a table of the first T-shirt box, in the event that the Tiger or Phil – or someone else – gets hungry. It's like we haven't eaten enough. Phil won the coin – and then he took the money – and here we start at number one.

With $ 200,000 here in the first tee, Phil dismantled 2 iron bars in the right center of the fairway. Woods followed his suit with an iron on his own, he died straight, but he ran from the fairway and was simply rowdy.

As they walked to their cannon, the two described how ın beautiful katıl Samuel L. Jackson was Top beautiful yür and even told them how special their children were to join them.

The second stroke of the tiger moves into a short portion of the glass to get a great look at the birdie. Phil rode right into the Tiger, but just to the left. Both within 10 feet.

"Not broken", Kaplan said, having missed the right. Phil didn't.

"It would damage the pocket," the tiger said with a grin. Outside the wallet, 1 frame per square, Tiger's now plus $ 200,000.

The truth is that two Taiwanese businessmen invested $ 2,000 in the hole.


No tickets are on sale, but about 400 people are on the ground and many will be contacting the sponsor, Capital One, or TNT / BR Live.

Woods arrived at Shadow Creek at 8:50 am local time, and Mickelson arrived at 9: 53 hours after 9 am.

"Did you decide to go with red today?" I asked Mickelson.

The response to Lefty, the signature of Woods, which is completely black, is: imz Black is very weak Woods.

Woods and Mickelson both worked during the sound packs of the microphone behind the pants. Comfort can be a problem and it probably takes some time to get used to.

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