Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian's relationship epic made another comeback to be confusing. After cheating on the 13-year-old Khloe after "cheating on Christian Mingle", Kardashian machine engulfed the drama while cheating on him multiple times with cheating on him and consumed the other end as a huge amount of pressure for the shows. they know how. Kanye immortalized him in "All Mine." Apparently, Tristan reigns according to the resources of the United Kingdom, and the couple is lar trying to have another baby Görün. Apparently, oc nothing will stop, ”she said, having her child number two child.

According to the same source, olarak they are not yet pregnant, but they are active. Khloé loves being a mother. He wants to have a real brother. Gel This news comes a month after Khloe comes into the television and calls Tristan a "piece of crap” and tweets his "disgusted" with what he does. In the end, though, he just wants Having children: Muhtemelen I will never get that moment or Tristan, regardless of what Tristan did to me. They should not be punished for their actions. His father and the two deserve to love each other.