Wednesday , October 20 2021

The Supreme Court will not hear the appeal of James Forcillo in Sammy Yatim filming


The Canadian Supreme Court will not hear the appeal of a Toronto police officer convicted of attempted murder five years ago, leading to the death of the young man on a streetcar.

On Thursday morning, Const, the top court in the country. James Forcillo continues to appeal to both court conviction and sentence.

In an unusual decision, the jury acquitted Forcillo of second-degree murder in 2016, but on the night of July 27, 2013, Dundas was convicted of attempted murder in the street car in connection with the death of Yatim. Forcillo was sentenced to six years in prison. One year above the mandatory minimum for the murder attempt.

The trial attempt was linked to a second firing volley shot by Forcillo for being on the floor of the street and ground.

Forcillo's lawyers were hoping to claim that the first and second shots should not be divided into separate events. They were also hoping to object to Forcillo's sentence.

One of Forcillo's three lawyers, Michael Lacy, came to court on Thursday, but made a short statement on Twitter.

"Mr. Forcillo, [Supreme Court] To allow him to appeal. The court refused to do it this morning. We respect this decision, "Lacy tweeted.

"This ends legal proceedings and Mr. Forcillo will continue to serve his sentence."

Forcillo just shot the gun officer

Forcillo was one of the first officers to answer a call about a young man who was demonstrating himself on the street when he was swallowing a knife. When the police came, only Yatim stayed on the street.

Forcillo fired his first three shots, which led to a fall in the foot of the street, then six more shots.

The shooting caught the video, which began a national debate about the use of force by the police and on a wide scale.

Taç split the two volts on two separate charges: the second-degree murder charge was related to the first-shot volleyball, and the attempted murder was the second.

Forcillo was sentenced for the second.

In April, the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed Forcillo's objection both to his conviction and his sentence.

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