Wednesday , October 20 2021

The rescue dog was found safe after being stolen from Vancouver Panhandler.


This happy ending hoped that Michael Lormier had hoped.

The famous panhandler, who had become a fixture at the intersection of Hastings and Nanaimo, were heartbroken last week when his heart rang Mishah, a Chihuahua-crucifix who had been his constant companion for five years.

The story launches a wave of support, including the offer of assistance offered by the Dog I Am Out rescue group, FLED-VI, the Lost Pets BC and various members of the community.

The Vancouver panhandler broke his heart after the dog was stolen: "He's the only thing I left."

On Thursday, all these calls are paid.

Facebook user Kyrin Lit, Mishah in the morning 9 & # 39; s safe and sound place, he said.

Layan Big thanks to Garbett who identifies him in all coverage and VPD that captures him, kapsama he wrote.

’And, of course, to the thousands of followers who have secured Mishah's safety.“

Mishah disappeared last Thursday when Lorimer disappeared to use the toilet for Hastes Chicken in Nanaimo and Hastings.

Lorimer, who was not homeless, became a panhandler after dropping him in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury after a car accident.

He told Global News last week that the rescue dog was the closest thing he had left to the family.

“He's my dog. I lost my wife and my family. It's all I leave, O he said.

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