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The photo battle between an iPhone 11 Pro and a $ 7,500 DSLR may surprise you – BGR

It's no secret that Apple has increasingly devoted R & D to the development of camera technologies that iPhone has placed in the last few years. And a few years ago, Apple touched upon the scale of work and ambition, revealed that there were more than 800 engineers working on and developing the iPhone camera.

While every iPhone upgrade doesn't result in a big leap in camera performance, Apple's iPhone 11 series is probably the biggest step we've seen in cameras for years. The stand-alone night mode is actually magic and impressively delivers crisper, higher quality pictures than you would find in Pixel 4 and all Samsung flagships you can find in low-light environments.

Today, however, we have not come to compare the field of smartphone rivals with the iPhone 11. Instead, we're here to see exactly how Apple is approaching the iPhone 11 Pro's $ 7,500 high-quality DSLR camera or Canon 1DX Mark II. If anything, the fact that even this is an interesting comparison highlights how much camera quality on the iPhone has improved in a relatively short time.

The iPhone 11 Pro vs. DSLR photo comparison was brought together by Matti Haapoja a few days ago, and besides using the phrase “pixel surveillance”, watching videos is totally impressive. Obviously, the iPhone 11 Pro cannot be superior to the Canon 1DX Mark II, but some photo comparisons are remarkably and impressively close.

Haapoja intelligently changes the order in these sample shots, so you can guess quite accurately which one is which.

The first example is below. Can you tell me which photo was taken with iPhone 11 Pro?

Image source: Matti Haapoja

The answer was taken with the iPhone B (drum please). Indeed, you can say that the details in photo A are a little clearer.

Second photo comparison. Can you tell me which one was taken with an iPhone 11 Pro?

Image source: Matti Haapoja

If you've guessed that A & # 39; was taken with an iPhone 11, you're right. Again, the photo in B is clearly a bit better quality, but we're not talking about a complete universe of difference.

The next photo comparison actually threw me for a loop, so let's see if you can do better with an iPhone than guessing which photo was taken?

Image source: Matti Haapoja

The saturation of this tricked me and as it seems, the photo A was taken along with the iPhone A.

Ap It's scary how close they are, ”Haapoja observes most of the photo comparisons:“ and to give the 1DX even more legs, these photos were on RAW, and the iPhone was just JPEG. IPhone

Iyla Through software, Ha Haapoja adds, “you can now compete with something like the 1DX II with a large sensor, even with a small sensor like the inside of an iPhone 11 Pro.”

Haapoja's full photo comparison can be viewed below and is completely worth seeing.

Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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