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December 2, 2018 / 07:10 | Story:
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Rocco Tullio, the team president and governor of Oshawa Generals, said the club that won the five-time Memorial Cup had not discovered the possibility of changing the name of General Motors while planning to leave the city.

The generals were named after the automobile-making giant, GM's original sponsor, when they joined the Ontario Hockey Association in 1937.

Earlier this week, GM announced that it would shut down its factory and lay off 2,500 workers by the end of 2019, and call on the social media to change the name of the team.

Tullio, "We are wrecked here in history. We've been around for over 80 years. We liked Bobby Orr."

"… if you understand and trust me in a place close to me, trust me, people are angry, right, and want to throw it out and understood, but as an organization, we didn't even think about it. The point in time."

Tullio – his hometown of Windsor, Ont., Saw GM trim and transmission facilities in 2008 and 2010 – described Monday's news as "disappointment" and said the team, together with the league, was looking for ways to reach them, was dismissed.

”It's not about hockey at this stage of this game, it's about supporting families in our community,“ he said.

On October 26, Jordan Sanders, who was working on the assembly line at the GM factory, was in Oshawa's first match on Saturday. His three-week daughter, Peyton, his two-year-old son Cohen, and his father Doug.

Sanders, a single mother who has been working at the factory for more than five years since taking up maternity leave in October, supports the idea that GM should change the name of the hockey team if it leaves the city.

Or They don't treat the workers with any respect, because they were doing this to the workers almost 10 years ago, and I don't want to have a name like that in Oshawa, or says Sanders, referring to 2009. The closing of the GM truck factory.

Doug, who has spent 34 years in GM, has worked at the company before working for nutritious plants in the region.

Doug Sanders, who was a buyer and retired from the factory, was less sure of changing the team name.

The former union representative and municipal councilor – working in his son Lear, a General Motors feeder plant in Whitby, Ont. And he's going to lose his job – he said he couldn't imagine a team that didn't call the generals in Oshawa.

The team said "it was built behind the car workers" who donated money for the construction of the Oshawa Civic Auditorium in 1964.

Between 1953 and 1962, Oshawa's old house, Hambly, had no team after the Arena was burned.

In addition to the club on the formation, the club has ties to GM in 2018. After the generals left the Auditorium in 2006, they opened a new city center called General Motors Center. However, these naming rights came to an end in 2016, and Tullio said the team no longer had a direct relationship with the American automaker.

Ron Gallant 67, a season ticket holder who had been in GM for nearly 30 years and was part of the truck factory's closure in 2009, understood that if he changed the team's name he would be kapan weird ında but why. Go on.

Edi So why should you be associated with something that basically destroys society? “He said.

42-year-old Andrew Landry hopes that the team that comes with the flag-clapper and his seven-year-old son Callum will adopt a ındaki focus change oyun, not a brand-new name, by pointing out the city's Canadian forces. Potential inspiration as a museum.

"The generals have five Memorial Cups under the banner, and I can't change it," he said.

John Gray, the current city council and mayor of Oshawa, said the fall of the generals between 2003 and 2010 would be "kneeling".

"I think it's small and vindictive – we're Generals, (General Motors) here or not," he said.

John Snowden's connections to GM have been several generations. The 54-year-old has worked in a number of roles for the company, including production and electricians, since he was a student in the 1980s. Both of her siblings had jobs with the car manufacturer, as her grandfather did.

Oshawa praised the possible loss of good income in the local community, but believes that GM's operations in the city can be rescued and that the hockey team must remain committed to its past.

"I think a general is always a general. I think we should stay as General. Go back to where we used to be."

"I don't like to change names, I think I've gone the old way."

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December 2, 2018 / 07:08 | Story:
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Hugo Hernan Ruiz, a 42-year-old system engineer from Colombia, holds a master's degree in his field and has led an oil company's IT department in his country.

French is excellent when it comes to Quebec with little information about language in 2016. Like many educated newcomers in the province, Ruiz, though elected as a qualified immigrant by state officials, is trying to find work.

After finding a job, he decided to open his own consulting business to take advantage of South American contacts. She applied to a provincial program which helped budding entrepreneurs in grants, marketing and education issues.

But it was denied because the program was for people who were in welfare or received Employment Insurance, and it did not fit into the category.

When he tried unsuccessfully to navigate the Quebec bureaucracy, he said he would become a common refuge.

Ruiz, who said. I think there should be a reflection, anl drank coffee in the suburb of Laval in Montreal, where he lives with his wife and two children at a striptease center. "What about the immigrants who are trying to be successful and who don't come here to live in the government?"

Quebec Premier François Legault's move to reduce immigration, as newcomers have to learn French and find a job, Ruiz's case puts forward the obstacles and contradictions of educated migrants, both poor and rich.

Yann Hairaud, head of a Montreal-based immigrant employment center, said he knew the situations in which skilled workers found options for their closed options because they were not prosperous.

"Unfortunately," he said in an interview. "There may be circumstances. There is a certain inconsistency in some rules that exist for newcomers."

Shortly after arriving in Quebec, Ruiz enrolled in a French-language program to explore what is known as the Internet of Things – the network of objects that contain electronics and which can interact.

Ird Instead of taking French lessons, I thought I would take a French language course in my field, so I would learn both. “

In August, he graduated with a certificate of occupation – but because the government did not pay the full amount for training, more doors were closed to him. He paid a paid public sector internship, but had to qualify for a state wage subsidy to get it.

She was rejected for subsidy because she had not paid off her government education.

. I brought all my savings (from Colombia) with me and prepared them financially to avoid asking for prosperity, "he said. Esi I don't criticize the Employment Agency or the government. However, I think the country should consider whether immigrants are encouraging migrants to promote prosperity. Ancak

Dominique Anglade, an immigration critic for state liberals, did not hear that the immigrants were not listening to their welfare, but acknowledged that they had a certain advantage.

Anglade, a former minister of economy, said in an interview that a "high percentage" of immigrants could not complete the training required to recognize their talent in Quebec in part because of the high costs involved.

Var When you continue with welfare, you have the support to find a job and help you achieve everything else, “he said. He blamed the contradiction between government agencies that he didn't have.

Immigration Department spokesman Chantal Bouchard said integration was "a clear priority", and said that skilled immigrants raised questions about obstacles to the Employment Office.

Employment Agency spokesman Vincent Breton did not respond directly to questions about whether people who did not receive prosperity in job search were disadvantaged.

"As you know, the Employment Department offers a number of measures and programs for those who want to be integrated into the workforce," he said in an e-mail, each file was analyzed with the individual values.

Working with approximately 1,800 immigrants a year, Hairaud said the Employment Agency has prioritized certain groups, including welfare or unemployment insurance.

Quebec states that skilled workers are looking for it, but if they are considered very successful, they are not eligible for government support programs.

"This contradictory, right hand doesn't know what the left is doing," Hairaud said.

Despite the challenges, the employment environment is developing for migrants, partly due to the strong economy of Quebec. According to the Institut du Quebec, in August 2018, the unemployment rate for immigrants between the ages of 25 and 54 fell to 6.1 percent after watching over 10 percent for most of the previous decade.

Ruiz said he was happy in Canada. His two young children are in school and want to start a new life here. But it questions the value of Canada to the first generation of immigrants.

Tuhaf My experience in looking for work was strange, “he said. "What is the life of the professionals who come here? Is the first generation of immigrants important for Canada?"

December 2, 2018 / 07:04 | Story:
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Canadian politicians presented their condolences on the day after the death of former US President George H. W.. Bush says "tremendous loss" with his former prime minister, Brian Mulroney.

Bush, who served in the Oval Office from 1989 to 1993, died on Friday night at the age of 94, at the age of 94 in his home in the Houston home only for more than 70 years, only eight months after his wife died.

Mulroney, who has met four of Bush in power for nine years, said he saw his friend last September when he was in Kennebunkport, Maine, accepting George Bush's Excellence in Public Services Award.

Bush was not good enough to attend the event, so Mulroney paid a visit to the former president before the ceremony.

Bush wanted to hear Mulroney's acceptance speech, so the former prime minister read it. Two friends also spent time to listen to music and talk.

In an interview Saturday, Mulroney said, "Only after these years was an extremely enjoyable experience and my last visit with it." Said.

"I think we both knew that was probably the last visit we had."

Mulroney has two outstanding achievements: the signing of the Canadian-US Air Quality Agreement, known as the so-called acid rain agreement in 1991; and negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was signed in 1994, both of them after leaving the post.

Mulroney said Bush was a great friend of Canada and did very important things for Canadian history.

Mulroney told him about asking him three years ago if he was going to talk to Bush's funeral, and he said that he would be "honored" to do so.

Mulroney said, "I spent some time on it. I haven't finished it yet, but I know what I want to say," he said.

The White House announced on Saturday that a state funeral against the former president would be held at the National Cathedral in Washington. President Donald Trump closed down government offices on Wednesday and traditionally declared a national day of mourning on the same day as the Washington component of the state funeral.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his commitment to the land of the former US president and expressed his views on Bush's legacy.

"The spirit of serving as a model and its commitment to the country will be the ambassador of the United Nations, the head of the Central Intelligence Service and the White House," Trudeau said in a statement. Said. written statement.

Canadian conservatives also presented their sympathies; federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer also praised Bush as e a friend to Canada. federal

"He was a gentleman of American politics and one of the world's most principled freedom and democracy advocates," Scheer said. Said.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper tweeted that Bush is a "conservative leader and deeply dedicated family man" who left an incredible legacy.

Some of Canada's conservative premieres tweeted their condolences.

"We will remember the friendship and generous spirit of the Canadians," said Prime Minister Doug Ford. "Rest in peace."

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe wrote that Bush was "a humble, respected political figure" and "thanks to him, during his presidency."

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December 2, 2018 / 07:02 | Story:
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with two of the world's most controversial leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman, used their time to discuss their concerns about the problems that arose under the hours.

At a press conference in Buenos Aires on Saturday, Trudeau said at a press conference that Putin said three Ukrainian sea ships near the Crimea had suppressed the actions directly, which resulted in the capture of the Russians – the Ukrainian authorities said Trudeau wanted to make a delay.

Trudeau told Putin that world leaders are talking about the need to release Ukrainian seafarers imprisoned at a meeting on Friday, but there is no opportunity to respond to Putin's remarks.

Trudeau said on Saturday, "To me, it is clear that this is not just Canada, but a part of our NATO allies." Said. "We all hope that we will be escalated and that these prisoners will be released."

In his message to Putin, Trudeau expressed concern about the cases against Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States foreign ministers, as well as the European Union's high representative and against Russia. the heel of a Friday manifest that came. Ukraine in the waters of the Kerch Strait.

Trudeau also said on Saturday that he spoke directly between the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and a dinner Friday night in Argentina.

”I had the opportunity to speak directly with the crown, where we discussed the diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia,“ he said.

Trudeau also said there is a need for better answers to the murder of journalist Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and Raif Badawi's ongoing imprisonment, as well as an urgent ceasefire in Yemen and the need for humanitarian assistance.

The civil war in Yemen today is the biggest humanitarian disaster in the world. Trudeau added that there was a topic raised at the G20 summit.

”The situation is going horribly and badly,“ he said.

Trudeau stressed that he continues to believe in ek outspoken and direct bek talks with leaders and that Canadians expect him to add what the world expects from Canada.

Canada and other countries have faced difficulties at the GSS summit on how Saudi Arabia 's crown prince, known by MBS' initials, would handle it.

The trip signaled the highest overseas show for the crown prince since the murder of Khashoggi.

On Saturday, Trudeau also sat down with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

During the bilateral sessions, Trudeau discussed the Khashoggi's murder in October at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and the Canadian sanctions involved in the death of 17 Saudi nationals.

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland announced on Thursday that he is looking closely at the participation of each person that the federal government approves and is directly involved in the murder or is a complicity.

The sanctions freeze the assets of the targets in Canada and make them unacceptable to Canada.

Earlier this month, the United States imposed its sanctions on Saudi authorities for the same reason.

Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the G20 summit in 2020.

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Premier Rachel Notley discusses industry-wide oil production cuts in a letter to Albertans before a scheduled news conference.

On Sunday evening, the state government said Notley would discuss with the reporters about the next steps to ensure that the Alberta will obtain the best possible value for their energy resources.

He also published an op-ed piece, which the province is now saying should act to cope with growing oil, responsible for the lack of capacity of the pipeline.

Notley, in his letter, says there are two competing ideas for short-term relief – let the market be self-evident, risk possible job losses and job closures, or temporarily restrict oil production.

Following a speech he made to the Toronto Trade Board on Thursday, questioned about production cuts, but did not say whether he was against the idea.

His letter said the government's decision would be announced on Sunday.

"There seems to be a consensus among some political leaders, but there is no such consensus in the industry. At this point, no industry consensus is expected."

"So, Alberta, the best for us, all of our 4.3 million, is coming to the owners of our oil resources. As owners, we have an obligation to achieve the highest possible value."

The letter says that 35 million barrels of Alberta oil is in storage. As a result, the price of Alberta crude oil is around $ 10 a barrel. Notley is part of what the other world producers are buying. He said Alberta lost $ 80 million a day.

He is expected to cost the state 80 million locomotives and 7,000 railroad tankers – hundreds of millions of dollars – will bring the province's excess oil to the markets, and initial shipments are expected in late 2019.

But in his letter, he says, railways, new pipelines and increased domestic refinement capacity will not bring relief soon.

Notley writes: "We should do more and do it now." "No choice of downsides."

Cenovus Energy proposed the idea of ​​a production outage last month, and the idea is backed by opposition politicians in Alberta, including the United States Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney.

However, Imperial and Husky said on Friday that they are against unintentional production cuts, but that they support rail investments as they will help improve market access.

1 December 2018 / 15:50 | Story:
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The Federal Liberal's chief government whips say MP Raj Grewal was expelled from the party.

Ajax MP Mark Holland said on Saturday that Saturday he confirmed with the House of Commons that Grewal had "not been a member of a liberal party group."

Brampton East's MP went to Facebook Friday to say he generously withdrew his gambling debts and is now revising his hasty decision to quit politics.

In a statement last month, "personal and medical reasons," announced the immediate departure to deal with.

The Office of the Prime Minister later said that Grewal's immediate decision was due to a gambling problem that led to significant personal debts.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday that Grewal had learned about the gambling problem more than a week ago, but didn't know his office was involved in an RCMP investigation.

At a press conference in Buenos Aires, Trudeau said his office was aware that Mounties was examining the connection of Raj Grewal with a prime-minister tour to India this year.

During the journey, Grewal invited Trudeau to official events – a construction manager who paid him for legal services.

The PMO knew that RCMP was asking questions about his trip to India and that there had been an ethical investigation around Grewal.

Ti At this point there is no link to a gambling problem that we have no knowledge of, nok he said.

"Last week on Wednesday, I heard Mr Grewal's problem with the gambling problem. From what I understand, I realized my office was notified within a day."

In a Facebook message on Friday, Grewal announced in early 2016 that Gatineau, Que. Casino du Lac Leamy'e frequently start the casino by stealing millions of dollars in high-stakes blackjack began to collect personal debts, he said. He began to borrow money from family and friends to continue to gamble.

"In an average sitting, I would spend 15 to 30 minutes on a table, and I made a lot of money, which allowed me to continue chasing the winnings, or lost a significant amount of money, which threw me into total helplessness."

"I want to clarify to me, it was with every individual loan check given to me. Everyone was paid back and every credit and repayment was transparent and trackable."

The problem has nothing to do with a "sinister" thing, except for addiction issues, she added, apologizing for having had to carry her burden of apology to her family.

Grewal said he would take a leave of absence from the Liberal party to focus on his mental health, and said that he would make a final decision on his political future prior to the resumption of Parliament in the new year.

A source with knowledge of the events, according to Canadian Press, RCMP's reports of unusual large financial transactions, said Grewal began to look at gambling gambling.

December 1, 2018 / 10:25 am | Story:
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Canada Post says it is in violation of a court decision that prevents senders from entering and exiting one of the country's busiest postal centers.

Mississauga, Ont. The protesters outside the facility were largely members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, who in solidarity with postal workers who were sent back to work last week.

The return to work law was approved on Monday, following five weeks of strikes from the Canadian Postal Workers' Union.

CUPE said that this weekend, 19 protests were planned at the facilities in the country, and employees were allowed to enter, but the mail was not allowed to leave the premises.

The Ontario branch of this union says protesters are given a precautionary measure, but are still planning to protest solidarity with postal workers.

Interventions were authorized by the courts in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and prohibited anyone from interfering with or interfering with anyone entering or leaving the premises.

1 December 2018 / 02:42 | Story:
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No one claimed the $ 60 million jackpot on Lotto Max in Friday night.

However, each of the 35 Maxmillions of $ 1 million for each one to win was won.

The next Lotto Max draw will cost around $ 60 million on December 7, but the number of Maxmillions awards will be 42.

November 30, 2018 / 03:42 | Story:
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A judge had a harsh statement on Friday for a world-famous Alberta ski resort and fined $ 2.1 million to recklessly destroy endangered trees.

Last December, the Lake Louise Ski Center refused to leave a tree of trees, including 38 endangered white pine trees, along a ski slope in 2013.

Judge Heather Lamoureux said, i There is a cumulative impact on the white maple pine, which reduces the risk of survival for the species to survive in the next decades. Y

Lamoureux said the trees were cut in a national park. The facility was not enough to let its employees know that white bird pine is in danger and that the destroyed trees are healthy.

, The Crown, (Lake Louise Ski Area) and the actions of its employees proved to be hopeful that their knowledge of the constraints of a commercial ski hill business in a national park has been ignored. "The risk of harm was easily predictable."

Lamoureux gave a year to pay a $ 55,000 tree to the resort.

A spokesman for Lake Louise said that the facility would likely attract the punishment and that it would almost double what he expected.

Dan Markham said the judge had been ignored in his conviction, stating that the discontinuation of 38 trees in court would have no effect on the overall population of white cocoon pine in Canada.

Markham, brand and communications director of Lake Louise, said: sav It was clearly presented in court and accepted that there was zero impact on any white maple pine cut by the prosecutor.

"This kind of information is something that we should consider as something that is not included in the judiciary and is not considered, so we will be appealing the decision at this point."

He said steps had been taken to ensure that no other white sugar pin was cut. They include better staff training and marking 7,000 whitebark pines in the resort area.

November 30, 2018 at 03:37 | Story:

Emile Claveau could not believe his eyes as he continued to work on a busy highway in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean district of Quebec on Wednesday morning.

As he approached a transport truck some 250 kilometers north of Quebec, he noticed a man perched on his back.

Claveau said on Friday, "Sitting, with crossed legs, sitting on a door handle." Said. "I was shocked and tried to attract the attention of the truck driver, but there was a lot of traffic on the highway, so I called the police."

On Wednesday at the Quebec state police at 7:20 Sgt. Marie-Josee Ouellet said.

When a patrol car hit the truck for over an hour, the man drove into the car where another driver stood.

Dave Tremblay, a truck driver who has been reluctantly helping the elevator, told the radio station 98.5 that he was going to ditch a two-meter truck this week.

He said an unusual hitchhiker pitched at a rest stop and was in the truck attached to Quebec City for over 100 kilometers, enabling a driver to warn Tremblay on Highway 175 in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve. .

It's not clear where the guy wants to go, but he's clearly identified. Tremblay said there was a blizzard and that the rider was not well-worn for the elements.

Tremblay told the station, "It was freezing. It was like a little snowman." He wondered how long he could stand if he hadn't stopped when he did.

Police said a 38-year-old man came from Alma. She was treated for hypothermia and could face a $ 1,000 fine and be struck with a dozen penalties to cling to a moving vehicle.

Claveau had never seen anything like this in Quebec.

In I thought you didn't do anything, “he said. "That's why I tried to stop the truck. It's not something you see every day."

November 30, 2018 / 11:29 am | Story:

İki Alberta yaşlıyı öldürmekten suçlu bulunan eski bir Summerland erkeğinin avukatları yeni bir dava başlattı.

Travis Vader, 2017 yılının Ocak ayında, Lyle ve Marie McCann'ın ölümlerindeki adam öldürme nedeniyle ömür boyu hapis cezasına çarptırıldı.

Savunma avukatları, Alberta Temyiz Mahkemesinden yeni bir dava için asıl davada bir takım hatalar olduğunu sordu.

Mahkeme kararlarının sürmesi için yargılamanın çok uzun sürdüğünü savunuyorlar.

Ayrıca, yargıcın yanlışlıkla Ceza Kanunu'nun eski bir bölümünü kullandığını ve daha sonra ikinci derece cinayetin asıl kararının yerine getirildiğini kaydetmiştir.

70'li yılların sonlarında yaşayan McCanns, Edmonton bölgesini Britanya Kolombiyası'nda kamp yapmaya gitmek için evden ayrıldıktan sonra 2010 yılında ortadan kayboldu.

Temyiz Mahkemesi kararını saklıdır.

30 Kasım 2018 / 11:21 | Story:

Alberta'nın maliye bakanı, Kanada'daki petrolün getirisinin fiyatındaki genişlemenin bu yılki bütçeyi etkilemeyeceğini, ancak kontrol edilmediği takdirde ileride zor zamanlar olacağını belirtti.

Joe Ceci, eyaletin bu yılki il bütçesine ilişkin ikinci çeyrek güncellemesini yayınladı.

Gözden geçirilmiş tahmin, mali yılın 31 Mart'ta sona ermesiyle, öngörülen bütçe açığının 7,5 milyar dolara düşmesini öngörüyor.

Bu, esas olarak, kişisel gelir vergisinden beklenen gelirden daha yüksek gelir ve zift ve ham petrol parantezlerinde öngörülenlerden 1.3 milyar dolar daha fazladır.

Ancak bu rakamların Kanada petrolünün iskontolu fiyatının Alberta ekonomisi üzerinde domino etkisi yaratmasıyla birlikte kayması bekleniyor.

Alberta yağı, arz yönlü artış, stoklar ve boru hattı darboğazı nedeniyle piyasaya kıyasla çok daha az alım yapıyor.

Eyalet şu anda piyasaya daha fazla petrol almak için demiryolu araçları satın alıyor.

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