Monday , June 27 2022

The Mo Salah strike reached victory in Watford in the second half of Liverpool. football


Liverpool has not recovered the last form of the final season, but thanks to three excellent goals, they have earned a valuable profit here. For most of the games, the visitors lacked the spark, but they made a brilliant move in the 67th minute, when Mo Salah opened the score. Trent Alexander-Arnold was stunned by a fantastic free kick by 25 minutes after Roberto Firmino scored a counterattack.

Even though these goals gave the goal line an empathic appearance and Liverpool scored a better point than it was at this stage of a club's famous history, they sometimes worked here. It is a fact that Jordan Henderson has highlighted itself. For two shoddy ropes.

Jürgen Klopp acknowledged that both Henderson deserved reservations, but said his team was happy with his team's return to the international mission. ”We know you're always looking for perfection, but we had exactly one session to get ready for this game because the players returned on Thursday,“ he said. In this context, he said his team was a beri real mature performance performans that has evolved since then. last period. Et Last year in similar games, we've not been convincing, but we've checked [this match]. To be positive and stay in this mode, be new to us. How exactly it should be in our situation uz.

Not exactly, justice. Because Watford won a penalty when the score was 0-0, because Andy Robertson shook a perverted foot at him and landed in the box. Although the struggle was clearly understood, it was difficult to say whether he contacted Hughes. Watford's players claimed to be an obvious foul, but referee Jon Moss disagreed. Shortly thereafter, Liverpool moved forward thanks to the first high-class move of the game.

Robertson started with a line on the left and then fed Roberto Firmino, which made a nice transition to Sadio Mané. Senegalese pulled her back to Salah for the first time, not giving time to set a kick at Ben Foster. The goalkeeper made a touch of him, but he couldn't stop from crossing the line. Salah was celebrated with a pair of fifty gestures that seemed to use Sergio Ramos after the scoring, but Klopp was concealed by the suggestion that this may be an excavation in the Spanish season, which led to Salah's injury last season in the Champions League final. There was controversy.

The biggest surprise about Salah's goal was that Xherdan Shaqiri was not involved. He was a part of almost everything Liverpool has done to this point, and he has had regular contact with Salah.

Shaqiri presented Giorginio Wijnaldum with a free-kick from the free kick in the first half, and is only available in Dutch. allowed him to block a volley of 15 meters. He then created another important first half chance in Liverpool. He made a transition from Mané to crossover by playing a game of acrobatic volleyball. Foster was good. Then Shaqiri-Salah's double-action went back to the center stage, and Switzerland struck a corner to his teammate on the back street. Salah took a title down eight feet, but Foster survived.

Watford came here to defeat Tottenham since September, but Liverpool has never been in danger of losing lead-plugs. Instead, they extended it in nine minutes due to the excellent free kick of a Alexander-Arnold.

The 20-year-old shot a 25-foot shot over the wall and hit the corner of the net with such clear accuracy that Foster didn't entertain.

Despite Henderson's subsequent dismissal, Liverpool became the third leading Foster's control after the Mané's endeavor, before Firmino shook his head at close range.

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