Saturday , October 23 2021

The fortress of Polar Peak appears to be the decisive event of Fortnite Season 7.


The snow storm finally hit, and most players discover the new map, while others are already asking: What's next?

Standing on the top of the iceberg, the fortress made headlines when its lights were on before the launch of Season 7.

However, according to a few leaks from the game files, the party seems to be just beginning.

At the moment, players can reach the upper levels of the fortress only with snow and ice on the bottom.

According to the assets in the game files @forttory A new lower level of the castle will be accessible when the ice melts.

They're referring to the Game Awards for pointing to a new show at this year's industry-wide awards ceremony by award-winning producer / producer Geoff Knightly.

While this wave is related to the ice castle, there are many possible things that he can also imply.

The stable melting of the castle will be a new change throughout the season, and there will be new surprises at every level of the Ice King's lair.

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