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The Epic Games store will give you a free game every two weeks in 2019 – BGR


Epic Games launched its new digital distribution platform, which was announced yesterday at The Game Awards 2018 with a limited range of games, including Supergiant Games's new title. hell. Even though there are generous revenues for developers, it will be an uphill battle for Epic Games to compete with Steam. But if there's a definite way to catch people with you, give up some free stuff.

Epic announced last night that the Epic Games store, which runs from 14 December to 2019, will play a free game every two weeks. The promotion will end on December 31st and this will be more than 25 games to anyone who has an account.

To be clear, these are the games you have to pay for, which normally leave Epic free of charge. Subnauti byAn underwater survival game is now $ 24.99 on Steam, but Epic Games will give you free copies between the 14th and the 27th of December. Super Meat BoyA ruthlessly difficult platformer, between 28 December and 10 January.

Epic Games says, kontrol It's always something new to come and check to fund these free editions. Ep At the moment there are very few games in the store, so Epic is slowly developing its content developers and content library. Users will have a reason to check at least every two weeks.

You stole Fortnit toYou probably have an Epic Games account to log in to the Epic Games account. You can download the client to your desktop and see what it has to offer so far.

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