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The Campbell River guy got stuck in the truck a few days after the crash.


A Campbell River man believed that after a few days in the crashed truck, a set near Sayward had recovered in the hospital after the collapse.

Duncan Moffat was dehydrated, cold and baffled, and he was a broken thigh who, on Tuesday, drove down 12 to 15 meters adjacent to Highway 19, on the sixth Dodge Ram.

Sayward said the RCMP Cpl had placed a fighter truck on trees about 10 kilometers south of Sayward. Kim Graham.

In the area, the hunter who had no mobile phone service dropped a vehicle to the ground and went to a point where the driver could be called 911. The police and paramedics arrived on the stage after 1: 50.

Firefighters used hydraulic breakers to open the truck and use the free Moffat.

Graham was on the wheels of the truck, but turned down the road.

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23-year-old Duncan Moffat was hospitalized on Tuesday for the treatment of serious injuries, including a broken leg and dehydration.

Moffat's father was reported missing on November 7, three days after he left his home on Campbell River.

Moffat's uncle, Bill McNab, said Moffat's father, Glen, was driving the ambulance on stage and asked him to follow the ambulance.

Glen saw the gold truck and was followed by the rescue of his son and a steep set on a stretcher. He called family members to let them know Moffat was alive.

N My sister was crying with joy, ab said McNab, her mother, Lynn Moffat's mother.

McNab, the hunter and his nephew tirelessly to rescue the first responders to send the sincere thanks, he said.

"You can never thank them enough, they are selfless people," he said.

Graham could not tell the first responders how long he had stayed in the car or how he had lost control, but then said that he believed he had been in the truck for five days with his family.

Moffat told his family that he had found some Gatorade and a bag of apples in the truck, and held him hydrated while waiting for someone to arrive.

McNab said he could not imagine Moffat's torture as he waited for help.

”On the fourth and fifth day, he must have some terrible thoughts,“ he said.

Moffat flew to Victoria General Hospital with serious injuries.

McNab said on Wednesday that he is going to have surgery on his leg and doctors are closely monitoring his injuries.

M The fact that we find him alive is such a relief, ab said McNab.

Şans He won a second chance in life. “

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