Wednesday , October 20 2021

Terwillegar Expressway illuminates green light from the Edmonton Council


For many people living in Southeast Edmonton, a decades-long wish is closer to reality.

On Friday, Edmonton city council turned on green light to convert Terwillegar Drive to a highway.

After the council, the council voted 11-2 votes to pay $ 112 million to pay the project. Tim Cartmell brought a change to the proposed capital budget of $ 4.3 billion in the city.

Con. Aaron Paquette and Mike Nickel voted against borrowing money for the project.

The city administration did not allocate money in the capital budget, but listed it as a potentially funded project.

Planning and design are estimated to be around $ 13 million, and in about one year Cartmell expects the project to be ready for bidding.

He hopes the high-capacity motorway will be completed in about four years.

The project will expand the road in four lanes in all directions, expand intersections, possibly add intelligent signals and special transit lanes.

Con. Tim Cartmell invites the Terwillegar highway to a vital project for the entire city. (CBC)

Con. Tim Cartmell has finally come to the project in front of Edmonton, which is about six kilometers away from Leduc County.

"If we don't start developing this corridor now, when do we start?" Cartmell asked. "This is a vital project for the city."

Cartmell received a copy of the 1974 Edmonton transportation plan.

He noted that many projects were carried out in the plan.

"Terwillegar Drive was now the same – a series of temporary roads."

"I've only been waiting 25 years, but I've got neighbors waiting longer than that."

Over the years, the proposal was discussed and sometimes seen as a superstructure.

Mayor Don Iveson said that the change with Whitemud was always perceived as a difficult space. Terwillegar Drive Draft Plan When it's finished this year can be the key to dealing with security and congestion issues.

"[It’s] Iveson said it was not only a car-hopper, but also the opportunity to create a multi-mode transportation corridor.

Cartmell compared the project's debt to a 25-year mortgage. This means a tax increase of about 0.4 percent starting in 2022 when the highway is completed.

Budget summary

The Council also approved some other capital projects on Friday.

  • As requested by the Council, the Coronation Community Recreation Center is $ 16 million. Bev Esslinger
  • 27.5 million dollars to fund the LRT Station upgrade project with a fund of 50% from financing and debt financing from 50% & # 39; Alberta Community Transit Fund
  • 3 million dollars for design and planning for the 40th Avenue LRT station in Capital Line, up to 40 percent from ACTF and up to 60 percent from debt.

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