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Terry Rossio & # 39; s anti-vax & # 39; as n-word in tweet claims to be offensive


Terry Rossio, tweet Image: Jesse Grant / Getty Images caused Disney to backfire.

Hollywood writer Terry Rossio is called to compare the n-vaxxer n-word.

Rossio is a screenwriter behind classics such as Aladdin, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean, so your childhood is canceled.

The 58-year-old has been the subject of great reactions after criticizing another author for promoting UNICEF's acquisition of vaccine kits.

Julie Benson shared a Reddit post asking them to vaccinate their relatives about vaccination: daha I'm not saying that you should buy it, and then send a card to an anti-surrogate relative who says you're a life-saver. & # 39;

Rossio writes: ın My heart goes to all the parents of the children of the affected vaccine, who are not only subject to the sorrow of their harms, but are also badly informed and insensitive (like those here).

”Anti-Vax calls a person to n ***** & iy 39; and it makes little sense.‘

Yes, the screenwriter, who is an Oscar nominee, fell one, said the vaccines were wrong, he was called an anti-vax against a racist mist, and he uttered that racial mist in its entirety. There is much to open the package.

Instantly, from the film and television industry and tweeters, Rossio has settled for all mistakes in this article.

Jeffrey Grubb tweeted:: God, that's a good point. I remember how the American founders and their citizens enslaved the skeptics of the vaccine for decades. And then, even after releasing them, the government put laws to marginalize vaccine deniers and to deny them wealth and opportunity. It's just history.

That would make this comparison, if the vaccine deniers were ridiculed like all other ridiculous ideas, they would only be offensive. In addition, the vaccine deniers had every opportunity to conduct a peer-reviewed study to prove their ideas.

But, of course, we all know that this is not the typical social quality control that every other idea should undergo. And among us, who is trying to realize even the most basic research is dazzling the vaccine deniers?

Oh, and finally: shit, Terry.


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Another person answered: ları My heart goes to children with polio, measles and other incredibly preventable diseases whose parents have chosen not to take them ver bir

Rossio, however, doubled his anti-vaccination beliefs, but chose to censor the n-word in tweets.

He wrote: people Do you know that you use the equivalent of the word n ​​in the introduction of the breasts that label people as anti-vax? Do you know that the same collectivist stereotypes lie behind the pulling of any group with a label? Don't you have any feelings for children and parents that are damaging to the vaccine?

Intent You seem to have never experienced any troublesome ideas, malicious medical advice, stereotyping, and encouraging insensitivity to injured children and parents, and are you having trouble with me when all my work calls you in your movements? '

Other stars that contradicted his anti-vaccination beliefs include Kat Von D, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Charlie Sheen, and Alicia Silverstone.

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