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Tennis.life – World Cup Tennis starts Monday – but can you watch?

We hope that when tennis really starts at the opening Piqué Cup, we can hope things will work like clockwork.

But for now, the situation on the broadcast and broadcast side is as confusing and frustrating as it can be.


We spent the whole morning trying to decipher exactly how tennis players could watch the Davis Cup finals.

And more specifically, how to track ties that do not involve their own country.

The press release announced that the Davis Cup finals will be broadcast on 41 41 television channels that reach 171 countries worldwide..

But… it's complicated.

With the participation of 18 nations, there is potentially a tennis score at the tap this week. But if people can't find it or can't access it, does it really happen?

Ticket sales annoying for the Davis Cup finals in Madrid

US fans should look long and hard

USTA announced that Piqué Cup will publish its broadcast details on Friday afternoon in the United States on November 6 in “Fox”.

Many fans have tennis coverage, multicasting ability and coverage of the Davis Cup in the past.

Oh, and the fact that there is no other top-level live tennis going on next week.

But this is not so.

We'd love to give you a better idea of ​​the Davis Cup Finals calendar at Fox Sports. But they are not helping at the moment).

Instead, ties covering the US will be released… Fox Sports 2.

From the Kosmos spokesman:

“The Tennis Channel really had rights to the Davis Cup in the past, but last year has expired. When Kosmos took over the rights starting in 2019, we decided to take care of the publisher on the US Tennis Channel at a point like others, but decided to go with a mixed formula of Rakuten Sports OTT + Fox. "

We're trying to remember that we watched the latest tennis match at Fox Sports (second channel, not even the main Fox Sports channel). We're empty. If it's not on the main grid, it's hard to know how many tennis fans really subscribe. Or how many of them try to add it to their packages a week?

Americans, meet Rakuten Sports

Now, if you're a tennis fan who wants to watch Novak Djokovic and Serbia, Rafael Nadal and Spain, or Khachanov and Medvedev and the Russians, you have to open it. Rakuten Sports.


What is Rakuten Sports? A new broadcasting service starting in June. At this point, the only programming seems to be episodes of a episode called “Iniesta TV – – a show about Spanish football star Andrés Iniesta playing in a team at Kobe in Japan.

Rakuten sponsored the presentation of the new Piqué Cup for 2019 and 2020, and then became ut Rakuten by Davis Cup ”.

In particular, according to Kosmos, the US is the only country that can access Davis Cup programming. It promises backstage access, press conferences and all the fun stuff.


We just signed up. US $ 4.99 seems to be a great value. However, this is another way to trick them into thinking that you are in the US as long as you have a VPN or if you live elsewhere.

The stream doesn't have anything for most fans to enjoy watching over the weekend. There is no live broadcast from the stadiums as the teams pass the training steps.

However, the Davis Cup final that continues until 2010 has a collection of 52-minute highlights.

The 2010 finals of the Spanish and Argentine finals were published on the Rakuten Sports streaming site.

Sportsnet1 in Canada – and ITF publications

Beyond the border, the Canadian Davis Cup seems to be serving slightly better by the deserved Sportsnet. Could it be?

Sportsnet1 – and the broadcast service of the network – will have ties from Madrid to Canada.

The first in Canada (the first against Italy on Monday starting at 10:00 EST).

But this won't be on the main Sportsnet channels. Instead, it will be broadcast on Sportsnet 1, as it was for Davis Cup ties previously held on weekends. This is a channel that not everyone has.

The main Sportsnet channels will be covered with darts and poker. And repetitions of hockey games.

But on Wednesday, for example, when Canada does not play, the program does not have the Davis Cup.

If at least the new broadcast service SportsnetNow plans to add additional links, we're working to learn from the network. (You can access this broadcasting service by signing in with your cable provider. If you don't have Sportsnet 1 as part of your cable package, we can't confirm whether you can watch it online. We think this is the case.

On the plus side, Canadians can benefit from the Davis Cup / ITF broadcast service, where they will have all the ties. But it doesn't seem that the backstage and press conference material Rakuten will present in the US

If you are not already subscribed, a suitable package will appear for this week.

But what remains is unclear. More about the following.

Euro is better

On the plus side, the countries where Eurosport has broadcast rights – or wherever you can sign up for Eurosport players – are much better.

Accordingly, this means England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Get a minimum monthly subscription. For £ 6.99 ($ 12, $ 9, € 8), apparently you can see every bond in the player.


Davis Cup / ITF streaming service

If the ITF and the people of Kosmos are understood to be a collaborative effort for this renewed Davis Cup event, this is certainly not available for publication.

While a Kosmos spokesman confirmed that the Davis Cup site had proper ties for Canada, he asked other questions ”“ ITF, which controls the feed, not the Kosmos.

Well, then you're right.

When we first started investigating this on Sunday morning, there was nothing on the court about the Davis Cup Finals.

This is what we see.


Gradually, in the last hour or so – remember, it all begins… tomorrow morning… various matches began to appear on the program.


If you've already subscribed to the annual Davis / Fed Cup streaming service (from £ 39.99 a year, you've had Davis Cup ties in three rounds, but now you've wasted a lot of money), that's good for it.

Two package options – at the end

For the rest there are two options: a “round package 7 of € 7.99 and an“ individual tie ”option.


Except… currently, the “tie package” option cannot be clicked. And if you go to another match, it doesn't say “tie pack;; on the contrary, there seems to be an individual match.

We repeat – all this starts in less than 24 hours.

UPDATE: Finally, after a period where the second option is an annual subscription (also not active), they now have the point where the second option is active.

This is called a tie pack. And it allows you to buy ONE three match ties of your choice for 4.99 Euro.

We're still not sure what's in the "round package" of € 7.99.

To make this even more difficult, there are a list of 15 countries, including many major tennis countries whose fans are unlucky.

Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain and… Sint Maarten (a small island with a Dutch guardian in the Caribbean).

Hopefully, these fans will have the option of streaming other links (or any link in the case of Finland or Switzerland or China) provided by the broadcasting rights holder.

Hard to find – everywhere

So, what's the result?

As often as challenging as it is for tennis players… actually watching most tennis, this opening event seems to set new records for frustration.

It can also abilir create a small little stamp towards alternative viewing options. We all know what they are.

And this will only deprive ITF and Kosmos (promising the ITF a megaton of money for the privilege to run it).

Everything seems to be last-minute and haphazard and irregular – and above all, it looks like two separate entities, each conducting their own show… in the same show.

We are very shocked about the situation in the US, but we can understand that the price Kosmos has set for its rights to publish this one-week tennis festival is quite ambitious.

I think that the people of Kosmos will gain great motivation to do their best to ensure the establishment of a “new” event as a tennis that should be seen at the end of a long season.

Among tennis fans, the reaction to a complete restructuring to eliminate ties at the head of the house and beyond the distant front lap was mostly, mostly negative.

So they had a bigger mountains to climb.

In this graph (on the left there is a highly respected Federer-looking – and of course not – used on the Davis Cup Finals Twitter page, you can barely see the words "Davis Cup". Of course, this isn't really the Davis Cup anymore.

Turning into last-minute chaos

You would think that by offering some free packages or at least a comprehensive launch, they would try to make a new and very expensive purchase in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Instead, nothing happened. Nothing in either Davis Cup Finals or Davis Cup Fits Twitter accounts.

The Davis Cup Finals website does not link to any streaming options. Anywhere. There is no page in various countries showing what network fans can watch (although promised in the press release).

There are only links to buy tickets. And it proved to be a challenge.

Less than 24 hours (did we mention this?), The only matches sold are two group stage ties including the host country Spain. And this includes semesters and finals.

The content on the official site feels like promoting tourism in Madrid (a “corporate partner”), a higher priority than people can watch. (If you visit the city you can get discounts on various things. But all in Spanish, very good luck).

In accordance with the Davis Cup site, information on purchasing a package is still outdated since there were a large number of household ties.

However, if you're not in one of the blackened countries and want to sign up for the stream, here's the link.

Good luck. You're gonna need this.

Gerekirse To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous. … “We hope that football fans can have a good time and the competition will be exciting for everyone,” he said.

He feels like he has a reason to be a little nervous as the incident is about to begin.

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