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Team Otter vs Team Koi: Vancouverlular otter evades pick sides as capture


In a recent photograph, Vancouver, B.C. Sun Yat-Sen Otter is seen behind an old tree in the Chinese Garden.

Sadie Brown / Canada Press

The residents of Vancouver began to declare themselves as m Team Otter ”or“ Team Koi Vancouver. In a peaceful garden pond, a punk feasting on expensive fish continues to escape without being caught.

Otter last week. Sun Yat-Sen has brought the seven decorative koi, which have been mysteriously entered in the Classic Chinese Garden and many of them have been there for ten years.

A wildlife relocation expert began work on Friday and set up three new traps, including a mix of rainbow trout and a fat, but the city park director said on Saturday that the team expected the hill to jump on them.

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Howard Normann, it's hard to tell if otters can find traps or show interest in them.

"It's not enough to enter them, that's for sure."

The garden staff were discussing options to remove the koi from the koi, but Mr. Normann said it wasn't as easy as it looks.

Lar Sensitive fish. It's hard to do, Yap he said.

He refused to share his expert name for wildlife relocation or was where he was, but Mr. Normann said he was confident in the staff's abilities.

”An experienced otter is his rifle, so we are as confident as we can get,“ he said.

It is not yet clear how the otter found the oak-alleyed garden, but recently Mr. Normann contacted Mr. Normann to live in a nearby park between the Sun Yat-Sen garden and False Creek.

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The garden has remained closed since the otter workshop, and once caught, the plan is to move to the Fraser Valley.

Meanwhile, he was captivated by the social media users joining the story, people in Vancouver and beyond, #TeamOtter or # TeamKoi.

A #TeamKoi member, "It's bad for otters, so it's in everyone's best interest to remove it." Said.

The local non-profit group Chinatown Today even produces a series of cute cartoon otters and koi-bearing buttons and sells buttons for $ 2.

Initially, the group planned to donate all the income to the classic garden, but its founder, Louis Lapprend, said he wanted the garden to be given to a wildlife shelter.

Mr. Lapprend said that people are awe-inspiring story because it is a war war that resembles the cartoon of Wy E. Coyote and Road Runner, because they never try to catch their prey even though they try the more ridiculous schemes.

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”I think the comedy has one side, because every day the park board staff are setting up new traps and every morning they have to make public that otters, otters visit traps, eat all their bait and do not trigger anything. Edi said.

Orum On a more philosophical level, I think it is about the ways in which we live in a big city, we try to control the environment, and suddenly there is something totally unpredictable, and that it enters into nature. I think he's doing something to our brain. It triggers a fascinating reaction. "

It sells the buttons from the group's office and expects online sales on Sunday. The first small party said it already had a larger order that was close to sell and should come soon.

He is not sure whether Mr. Lapprend is dominated by eri Team Koi anet or yönelik Team Otter takım, because the buttons designed by artist Pearl Low said they were very sweet about people betraying their loyalty to buy one of the opposing team's mascots.

Even though he can see both sides, he adds, his devotion is definitely with smart saz.

Insan I understand why so many people are sad that they eat koi. They have been part of the landscape for decades and they are vulnerable compared to the hunter. Onlar

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Ası I'm rooting for the otter, and hopefully it won't be a bad thing, but at some point it must be caught. “

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