Saturday , July 2 2022

Team Otter vs Team Koi: Vancouver residents choose sides as capturing otters


Vancouver residents declared themselves til Team Otter “or” Team Koi Vancouver. In the peaceful garden pond, a sneaky otter in the expensive carp dinner continues to feast.

Otter last week. Sun Yat-Sen has brought the seven decorative koi, which have been mysteriously entered in the Classic Chinese Garden and many of them have been there for ten years.

Howard Normann, Director of Parks, says a wilderness deportation expert started working yesterday and set up three new traps with a mixture of rainbow trout and oil, but as of this morning the creature is still on paper.

He says the garden staff discuss options to protect the koi from the pond, but he says that sounds are not as easy as fish, and that it is very difficult to do.

In the meantime, although the story is a member of #TeamOtter or # TeamKoi, social media users have enlarged people in Vancouver and beyond. But a "TeamKoi member" is "a bad thing for this otter, so it's in everyone's interest to remove it." "

The local group Chinatown Today has done a batch of cute cartoon otters and koi that sells for $ 2 each, even with going to the classic garden.

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